Posted by: bkropf | June 11, 2008

Climbing the Walls


In case anyone is worried, I did not just stay in Belfast.  It just so happened, Belfast is where I was when I arrived home.  I haven’t had time or desire to write since.


Luckily for me, when I got home, there was a manufacturing company in Eugene that was looking for an Accounting Manager.  I stepped in temporarily until I leave for Mexico in August.  It is really nice because it pays well and gives me the flexibility to work, yet take time off to travel. 


I have kept busy since I have been back.  One of my favorite activities is Saturday morning breakfast at the Pinecone Café with Adrian and Leon.  I have also been trying to get into rock climbing and Leon and I have been building a rock climbing gym in our family’s warehouse.  We also spent a weekend in Bend to go to a Death Cab for Cutie / Decemberist concert.  It was amazing.  I also got to reunite with Tyler.


I don’t know what has been up with this weather but it is really depressing me.


Another exciting thing going on is the Last Comic Standing on NBC.  Normally I don’t really like the show that much but this year is different.  One of my buddies from Seattle, Jeff Dye, is on the show.  It is so fun to see a friend on TV every week and sometimes on previews.  Last Sunday, a crew spent a few hours filming Jeff and his friends in Seattle.  I got to meet the producer of the show and they even interviewed me, so maybe I’ll get my mug on tv. If I don’t I will be offended because they will have purposely edited me out of at least 30 minutes of film.  I’m proud of Jeff and all his hard work.


I’ll finish the Europe narrative soon.



  1. Barney,
    I really enjoy reading your blog, however, I have a few constructive critiques. Have you read my wife’s blog, you could learn a thing or two from her. First of all, post more often on your life, chicks dig it. And B, the world loves pictures. Include pictures with your writings and the masses will soon throng to the “Brown Van Man”. Much love

  2. Thank you for the construcitve critiques G. I don’t know if you are a regular on this blog but you might have noticed I did link many pictures on other posts (i.e. – Almost ever other post). Additionally, I don’t usually carry around a camera when I am not traveling so I don’t have picture of my ‘normal’ life. Also, my life is quite boring so there is little noteworthy when I am at home and therefore, I have a lack of things to write about. And C, I don’t know if you know this, but LADIES don’t like to be called ‘chicks.’

    I do read your wife’s blog (please reference the many slightly sarcastic, yet funny, comments I have left). It is very nice and pleasant, blah, blah, blah. I find she brags about her husband quite a bit, and seeing I lack a husband, again I will say, I have little to write about.

    I think you should make it a point to meet me in Moab on June 23, so we can futher discuss your ideas on how this can become a better blog!

  3. Barney! I’m glad to see that you’re posting again! I love hearing what is going on with you, especially the part about the Pinecone Cafe breakfasts. That sounds like a place that I would really enjoy since going out to breakfast is always so exciting to me. That’s crazy about your friend Jeff and the Last Comic Standing thing! We actually watched that show once this season but I didn’t make the connection that Jeff was on it. What time/when is it on again? I can’t remember…hope you’re doing well!

  4. Barney,

    I’m so glad you put my suspicions to rest! Ryan and I sometimes watch LCS and the other night when they panned over the group, I could have sworn I saw Jeff Dye. Figured it was a coincidence. Good to know I”m not nuts.

    So glad to hear you’re doing well. How long are you going to be in Mexico?


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