Posted by: bkropf | May 3, 2008

I Already Miss Tallinn

After Tyler was found safe and sound after working out, we headed out to a Tallinn microbrewery that was really touristy and funny. Since I had already eaten, I sat and observed Tyler consume the local homemade sausage. There was a fun Estonian folk band playing and Kai convinced me to dance while Tyler was finishing up. I twirled her around a bit, looked pretty foolish and then sat back down.

Before going to sleep that night we watched an episode of The Office with a Russian/Canadian girl staying in our hostel (She too, was creeped out by Porn Man). As we tried to fall asleep she started talking politics which got us all chatting and then before we knew it the clock read 3am.

The next day we took a self guided tour of the city. We went to an old church, which was the tallest building in the world at one point, and the newest building in the world at one point. It was pretty amazing seeing the view from the top. Climbing the towers in those old churches always amazes and winds me. This church tower was 124 (roughly 375 feet) meters tall. Touring the bottom of the church was really encouraging. Unlike many huge churches we come across here in Europe, this church appeared to be very active and alive. There were tons of Sunday School coloring pictures up, and other fliers about youth events.

We walked to a supermarket to grab some lunch and it was so fun. I love wondering around European supermarkets to see the unique goods being sold.

I ended up getting a haircut, finally, and I started to freak out!!! I think most men have a point in their life where they start to realize they are going bald and try to stay in denial. While getting the haircut she lopped off most my hair and wetted it down and I swore I was completely bald and no longer could stay in denial. A couple tears were shed but I didn’t want to look weak in front of the Estonian so I tried to hold myself together. Then I remembered another reason I hate going to salons:

The ladies/gents doing your hair at salons always seem style your hair the worst way possible right before you leave. I always hate how they style my hair, I left and ran to the hostel hoping no one I knew saw me. That was a pretty sure bet given only Tyler and Kai knew me. When I got the hostel I quickly restyled my hair. I took comfort in the fact my head of hair looked much fuller, the mirror at the salon must have been broken. Tyler reassured me that salon’s mirrors often lie and make people look balder than they really are. I hope we aren’t all in denial! If I am, please don’t tell me.

Kai wanted us to come to her University Class with her that evening. We took the bus over to her house. I believe we have been getting our fair share of crazies lately:

In Vilnius Tyler left me to guard the bags while he shopped for some bus food. While he was gone this big drunk guy walked over into my personal bubble and started jabbering in Lithuanian. I tried to play along with his antics the best I could nodding frantically and laughing at what I thought were jokes while inwardly frustrated Tyler was taking so long. Tyler got the next crazy at the bus stop to Kai’s. He was sitting on the bus bench and a big guy sits right next to him with dried blood all over his hands and on his face. He just sat there a while before mumbling something incoherently and then getting on the bus. I had to give the visibly shaken Tyler a big hug.

Getting to Kai’s house she started to make crepes/pancakes at a frantic pace. They were so good! We jumped into her newly purchased car and drove off to University. She was excited to show us the seedier part of town and her professor, she was convinced was gay. Luckily the class was in English and was Industrial Marketing so I felt at home. For some reason the class was dismissed about 15 minutes after it started so we had plenty of time to kill. We drove to the beach to watch the sun set and take some jumping pictures. Everything was going great until I jumped for a picture and landed in the ocean! We grabbed some tea and chatted a while.

Next we took a driving tour of the outskirts of Tallinn and the Russian district. Kai made us get a traditional Estonian hamburger and it was really good. Arriving back at her place she insisted we go out on the town with her. We tried to distract her, make excuses and basically be lame in the hopes we could get out of it. But before we knew it the taxi had been called and we were on our way to some place she liked.

We ended up meeting some of Kai’s nice friends and they all ended up dancing long into the night. I ended up having much more fun than I anticipated! Walking back to the hostel with Tyler I was sad to see the sun was starting to rise.

We had to leave the hostel by 11am to make it to the bus by 12:30 to leave for Riga, Latvia. Tyler wanted to stay around to connect with Kai before we left so I left to go to the bus station and grab a Kebab on the way (We have been craving Kebab’s for many countries now and it was a pleasant surprise to find a place selling them). I ended up having plenty of extra time so I walked the entire way to the station.

Leaving the hostel I was a little worried Tyler was going to miss the bus but he assured me he wouldn’t. I wait and waited for him at the station I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and decided I was going to have to buy the ticket for Riga. The unfortunate thing is I had waited too long and the line to buy tickets was especially lengthy (and Eurolines service is horrible and it takes about 10 minutes per customer). I realized I wouldn’t make it through line before the bus left so I went back outside to wait for Tyler. He arrived about 12:35.

Kai was waiting for us at the bus stop to spend time with us while we waited for the next bus to Riga two hours later. We went to the Estonian Presidential Palace and were able to see the President driving in his car. We sauntered around the beautiful gardens and took alot of pictures. Before we knew it we were on the bus to Riga. I love and already miss Kai, Estonia and the beautiful Tallinn.





  1. There was no visibly shaken Tyler to hug! It was a bit odd though… but nothing that wouldn’t happen in Christmas Valley haha…

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