Posted by: bkropf | April 10, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back

Yesterday we were getting some ice-cream and I saw the flavor ‘Sexy.’  I wanted to know what sexy tasted like because I had obviously never had any. The following is an exact transcript of the ordering process:

ME: I think I’ll have some of the Sexy ice-cream.

WAITRESS: Umm…I think we are all out of Sexy.

ME: Are you bringing Sexy back?

I am pretty sure the joke was lost on her but Tyler and I had a good laugh.  Also, because I know many of the readers (including myself) don’t listen to Justin Timberlake I’ll just let you in on the fact he sings a song where he says he’s ‘bringing sexy back.’  It was kind of a big deal in some circles.



  1. Yea that was pretty much the highlight of my day, and now I have a dream to make a treat called “sexy” and sell it.

    If only I had it on video!

  2. Guess I’m in a different circle, but it still made me laugh! Love, Mom

  3. hahaha love it… 🙂

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