Posted by: bkropf | April 6, 2008

Free Money

The bus ride to Sarajevo was finally eventful. I listened to a standup comic routine by Jerry Seinfeld and sat laughing to myself at random times. Tyler struck up a conversation with an older guy from Sarajevo and so I paused my Ipod to listen. The guy was really nice. Eventually I took off my headphones and entered the conversation. The guy was a Finance and Economics professor from the University of Sarajevo. We ended up talking a while about Bosnian economics, accounting and other business issues. I detailed my beliefs on how lower taxes boosts economies and everyone is a winner in the end and how trade was beneficial. I don’t know if he was just humoring me, didn’t understand me, or truly agreed but he thought I was correct and excatly right. The funny thing about the guy was he pretty dirty. Every woman who walked by he would obviously check out and comment on how lucky we are being single Americans in Bosnia. He said, “Every young Bosnian girl entertains thoughts of leaving.”

Arriving at Sarajevo was even more shocking than Mostar. More dreary, bigger communist buildings and many bullet holes. The guy from the bus showed us how to get to our hostel and after a few wrong turns we found it. The hostel was nearly perfect. The man running the hostel was super friendly and seemed extremely concerned with our opinion of the hostel. At every turn he was asking us if we liked the place and if there was any way it could be improved. I really appreciated it. The people at the hostel were really fun too. We met an Aussie woman who jumped off the bridge in Mostar (It was funny meeting her because the hostel owners in Mostar had been talking about her). We also met a really nice Irish lady who was a firefighter and served in the Irish Army.

We were tired so we relaxed in the hostel a while, washed our clothes, and watched American Gangster.

That night people recommended that we go to a huge bar with about 400-600 other people. Tyler and I primped (not really), met the Aussie woman and we took off to find the place. We eventually found it and our time was really fun. There was a live band playing lots of music from the US and it was just fun watching people dance and hang out. There was a big screen with a TV channel on and I was shocked when a commercial came on for Green Cards to the United States. The commercial starts off with a yacht rounding a beach by Miami, followed by a women getting out a pool. Then it showed this big family laughing and eating. Then it says something to the extent, “Call 999-999-999 for help in getting your Green Card to the United States!” It felt funny to see how they viewed the US.

Walking home from the bar that night the most amazing thing happened to me! I saw some ‘trash’ on the ground and was going to kick or maybe pick it up when I noticed it was money. I picked it up and looked around and we were all alone. There was no wallet or any other ID with the money, so we decided I should keep it. Upon examining the value it ended up being a decent amount off money. A very pleasant experience indeed!!!

I was talking to Tyler about my previous job with Moss Adams and upon reminiscing, I really was surprised about how much I missed it. I really did have a lot of fun there and it was a special place to start off my working career. I also miss working anywhere for that matter, I look forward to being back home and getting a nice job again.



  1. Free money at a fun concert is always a cool bonus! Take more pictures!

  2. We got some more pictures coming…we have been busy lately. We went through 4 countries while traveling for 24 hours straight. I loved Albania and we almost had to sleep in a ditch there but we got some good tips and help from locals. It was kindof scary having to walk across the Albanian border.

    We are in Lake Ohrid

  3. You two would look good sleeping in a ditch. I wonder how much sleep you would have actually gotten. Tell us more.

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