Posted by: bkropf | April 4, 2008

A Most Romantic Evening

I seem to be falling farther and farther behind in my posts. We are in Sarajevo, Bosnia and moving tomorrow morning into Belgrade, Serbia.

One especially enjoyable experience happened in the evening at Dubrovnik. Tyler and I went to the market and bought all the supplies needed to make an amazing sandwich. As usual, our tastes really did not mix so basically we had to buy totally unique ingredients. We did share bread and cheese. We made our sandwich and walked to a door in the city walls and went through to find ourselves clinging to the rocks which cascade down into the sea. We sat on the rocks and watched the sun set and ate our sandwiches. It was very romantic, Tyler tried to hold my hand (ok, he didn’t). We watched a Spanish guy take sexy pictures of his wife/girlfriend. Pretty soon the door was being locked for the night (or maybe and attack, I wasn’t sure) and we had to go in. We walked over to the harbor where boats were moored and we watched darkness fall.

I know the following may be unpopular with some readers, but it is the truth (and I can’t really tell the story if I omit it). I started smoking my pipe as the stars came out and Tyler and I were trying to take some pictures using time elapse and a purple light. We were talking and I hear this strong Italian accent ask me about the tobacco I was smoking. I told him it was a customized blend from Seattle called Maritime. I offered him some of it. He whips out his pipe from a case and loads up. We spent about 15 minutes chatting while we smoked. He ended up being a railroad worker from Italy and he had just bought a motorbike. He was taking a road trip through the area seeing the world. It was really nice talking about life in Italy, life in Seattle, a little politics and spreading general goodwill. You often hear that Italians are cold and a little rude but this guy was awesome. He seemed like he was straight out of a Disney cartoon with his ‘mama mias’ and ‘oolaalaas’ . We parted friends.

These are the experiences that make traveling special: meeting people from all over the world and sharing a common pleasure or just talking about life. I think if more people traveled, removed themselves from their comfort zones, and developed relationships with people from Bosnia, Italy, Slovenia, Iran and Turkey (etc) it would help them understand world issues and appreciate other’s way of life and our own.



  1. Hey post a link in your link section to your pictures so I don’t have to keep going back to the post where you linked it lol. Good post. Sounds like a fun experience with your Italian guy. Would have been fun to witness.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I hope you are having a blast and learning a lot about life, God and the world!

  3. I’ll Link the Photos when I can, it is hard to find time at the moment.

    Thanks for the well wishes Caryn!

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