Posted by: bkropf | April 2, 2008

I will eat it, but I’m not going to like it!

We stayed in Dubrovnik 4 days total. Instead of writing about each day I am just going to relate some of the better experiences and memories.

Eating was a big part of our time in Dubrovnik, because I love food and there was not alot else to do. Most of our days were spent casing the city for our evening meal. My favorite experience was our second night when people were offering all sorts of incentives to eat at their restaurant. We stopped when a guy offered us a bottle of wine and we spend the evening there. We stayed a very long time and I had some coffee for desert. Tyler and I had some great talks and it was very enjoyable (come to think of it, I might have talked about this already but I guess it really made a big impression on me so I am not going to delete it). Another night we got a pizza that rivalled that of the pizza in Split. It had Gorgonzola, bacon, ham, cheese and some other spices. I really really liked it. For breakfast we usually grabbed a pastry at a local shop that had amazing sugar balls for sampling (the real reason we stopped). The funny thing about eating being our highlight was the fact the food was pretty bad for the most part and overpriced. Enough about food!

We took a walk around the wall surrounding the city. It was pretty amazing. I think it was alot like if I had been walking around the walls of Jericho. The walls were very thick and looked as though they came straight out a castle book. At the most beautiful stop on the wall we saw a house that my uncle Chuck was thinking of purchasing but got scared and failed to seal the deal. The house was amazing, needed lots of work but the top of the house opened right onto the wall so you would have the who Dubrovnik wall as your patio. The whole walk was amazing!

We loved sleeping in our room even though it was extremely small. The worst thing possible happened one night. A fly weaseled its way into the room and buzzed all night. Drove me nuts!!! The next night we went to bed about 1am and ended up giggling and talking like school-girls at a slumber party. We could not sleep until about 4:30am. We covered everything: Cuban Medical System, Fair Tax, Laser Eye Surgery and the best Arrested Development quotes. It was very fun.

I am still amazed at the women walking in high-heels on cobblestone. But more impressive is the strength of those little heels. What is the weight capacity? Is there any warning label stating if you weigh over 100 kilos you should wear flats? I saw this woman walking in really high heels the other day and I am pretty sure the heel’s strength was being tested to its capacity.

One thing nice about having a cousin on the trip is to talk about the funny family traits. One of the funnier things I think is how my Grandpa and his son Chuck (Tyler’s Dad) love to write business ideas down on napkins. I remember as a little kid always watching grandpa writing on napkins. Half of this trait has been passed to me: I love writing business plans!!! I do it all the time, however, I have updated the practice and do it in Microsoft Excel so no one accidentally wipe their face on my business plan or spills water on it.

Another morning we walked all the way to Lepod. Lepod is outside of Old Town and has a huge park and development on it. Nothing much happened, it was just a really long walk. Tyler was really skeptical that I had gotten us lost but obviously he hasn’t experienced my amazing sense of direction. =^)

I HATE small showers. This shower was so small you couldn’t move. What I hate the most is when the curtain clings to you. It just feels like some cadaver is invading your privacy. The other things I hate is when the shower doesn’t drain quickly and you are soon standing in a puddle of grime. This was another problem with the shower. I considered not showering but thought better of it.

I had a pleasant experience the other day. The time changed here in Europe and we didn’t realize it for a day and a half. When you don’t have any commitments or need for schedules you never notice your time is off. Luckily we realized it before we missed our bus for Mostar, Bosnia.



  1. I love your discription of the cadavar invading your privacy. I hope you weren’t flicking my napkin business plans.

  2. A great read….I have many memories of your dad leaping around the bedroom with a fly swatter….why didn’t you KILL the fly????
    Now I know why I don’t wear high heels! 🙂

  3. Hee hee! I remember Grandpa writing on napkins too! Is that true about Uncle Chuck wanting to buy a house? J

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