Posted by: bkropf | March 31, 2008

Childhood Fantasy Realized

Hvar Island was definitely the dark horse of destinations. We almost skipped the trip to Hvar but I am so glad we didn’t. It was one of those experiences where I thought, “Now this is what I always envisioned Europe to be like.”We almost forgot to get off the ferry and then started stressing when we realized we were at our stop. Our stress was for not, there was a long line of people qued to disembark. We lugged our bags down the ramp and found ourselves in a most amazing town.

Our apartment was really nice. It was connected to an old couple’s house. They rented out the additional rooms for some extra income. I felt like the women was my grandma. We relaxed a while in the room after our hike up the hill to her place.

We decided to conquer the castle looming over the small town. We hiked, as we rose above the town I started to be in awe of the beauty of the place. In the distance among the islands we saw many little sailboats practicing maneuvers. We noted many species of cactus. And we watched people walking around the street of the the town. As we neared the castle we realized we were nearly the only people there. I hoped the castle was open given the lack of people. We were in luck.

This castle is amazing and the perfect manifestation of every childhood fantasy I have ever had. ( I don’t know if people know this but when I was a kid I was really into knights, castles and Robin Hood. In fact I would often fashion wooden weapons and wage war with Ben, my younger brother, until one of us got hurt.) Back in the 1200’s, or around that time, the Turks invaded and the town defended itself with this castle. It was still in perfect working conditions with cannons, prison, bar, and toilets. We had so much fun running from room to room, sitting in the prison, and taking pictures. Tyler agreed it was probably the coolest castle he had seen and he has seen many.

The sun started to set and the sailboats started to return to town. We decided to get some ‘action shots’ and walked down the path back into town to find tons of little kids manning their skiffs into the harbor. It was really fun seeing all the kids in their boats. I was jealous.

We went back to the apartment and relaxed a while. One thing I have found about Tyler: he has a hard time sitting and reading or just relaxing. Our routine is usually as described – We arrive at the apartment/hostel and I flop on the bed tired and start reading Master and Margarita or some other book. Tyler begins to check the power status on his camera and computer. I continue to read. He begins to type. I read. He finishes typing and looks around like he might begin to relax. I get a drink and then continue to read. Tyler on the verge of bordom starts to eat something. Then we usually leave.

We left the apartment to find a restaurant named Fore. We walked and walked and eventually passed it. I was really happy because the locals said it had nice portions for cheap prices (my ideal restaurant). The restaurant was manned by a nice older man, his wife did the cooking. We decided on the meat plate for two. It was fun because we saw them bring out the meat and put it on this little stove in the corner of the shop. Some other customers were getting fish so they put the whole fish on the stove too. Eventually we got our meat and it was amazing!!! Words fail to describe how wonderful it smelled and the way it melted in my mouth. There was sausage-type meat, steak, chicken and some pork. Each was perfect in its own way. I was really happy we found it. I was trying to figure out if we could get the same meal before we left the next morning at 8am.

Walking back to the apartment we took some fun photos of the town at night. We stopped by the market for some boat food. We wandered around around for a while and then I noticed we were alone and all the staff was looking at us. One guy yelled, “We are closed.” I quickly paid and left and Tyler followed suit. It was funny, the stores employees were carrying all the money out in little plastic bags, it didn’t seem that safe, come to think of it, maybe they were robbing the store.

The next morning we jumped on a small bus for the opposite side of the island to catch our ship, The Marco Polo, for Dubrovnik.

Why doesn’t the the United States play more rugby, I am watching it at the moment and it is so fun to watch.



  1. Your description of Tyler’s inability to relax made me laugh. You know if I was there I would be the one saying those things about you. =^) It’s good to hear that you are relaxing well!!! I hope you can take a nap in my honor sometime soon. You’re trip sounds ubelievably amazing, and very inspiring!

  2. Agreed, but I think I have been slowing down. I have had many naps in your honor but I’ll sleep another for you. Just to clarify, Tyler is not pushy or impatient…just likes to type and keep himself busy and eat when he runs out of things to do. How is school?

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