Posted by: bkropf | March 29, 2008

Wandering Through Paradise

We woke up early in Split with the goal to purchase tickets on the ferry to the Island of Hvar. After we secured spots on the ferry we started walking through the outdoor markets which were everywhere. I was in heaven when we got to the fish part of the market and there were many old lady fish mongers crying out to the crowds. There was a tremendous variety of fish and other ocean creatures. It was so bright and sunny I needed some sunglasses. We walked past some booths selling sunglasses and I got into negotiations with the purveyor over one particular pair. Before long we were going back and forth and he had to call in another guy to better translate his side of the story. In the end I got the glasses for $12. Are they worth it? Maybe, I really don’t like them that much but it made walking around much more enjoyable.We grabbed some pastries called Fornetti’s. They are these booths with tons of little pastries for sale. There are chocolate, sausage, peach, marmalade, pizza, cheese, cherry, etc. You pick out the different kinds you want and then pay by weight (I think this could be a great business to have in a mall somewhere back home, maybe in Wichita). We went and sat by the harbor and noticed the smell was horrible. Probably the second worst smelling harbor ever! We had alot of fun watching all these old sea-dog captains yell at each other waving their hands. I had no clue what they were saying. There were other old guys in sweaters, ties, slacks, and hats walking about with their canes talking with each other. Made me wonder why old people in the States don’t dress up so nice (in general).

When I get old I wan to spend the first few hours of my day trying to get my old-man’s fashionable clothes on (4am – 6am), then walk to my local hangout where I meet all my crazy old man friends. We can argue over the good ole days and how the young generation is screwing everything up (6am-11am). I’ll probably hang out with the young generation, my grandkids over lunch (11am-3pm). I’ll probably doze for a while (3pm-5pm). I’ll have dinner exactly at 5pm and any old person should. Then I’ll probably spend a few hours trying to get out of my old man’s fashionable clothes (6pm-8pm). When successful, I will fall asleep (??? – 4am).

Riding the ferry to Hvar Island was irritating. It was so hot I couldn’t stand it. Then the lady sitting next to me started to encroach on my personal space and was breathing really loudly through her nose. I turned on my Ipod to escape the heavy breathing and read Master and Margarita…This book gets crazier and crazier.

(I am on a different ferry at the moment typing and getting very seasick, it is also very hot. People are probably getting suspicious as to why a guy with a backpack is frantically typing and sweating while looking around suspiciously)

Arriving in Hvar was like arriving in paradise. The town only has 4,000 people. There are essentially no roads for cars, just little alleys throughout the whole town for people to walk on. It is so old that most roads don’t have names or numbers. The directions to our ‘hostel’ were, “We are 5 minutes walk from the Hostel, ask for directions.” We got some directions and started walking. We quickly found we were lost. A restaurant owner came out of the back of his shop and looked at the address and didn’t know where it was. He called the number on his phone but no one answered. Some old ladies walking past on the path stopped and they all talked amongst themselves a while. Pretty soon the ladies told us to follow them. They got us back on the correct path but you can imagine with little alleys everywhere and no main roads it is hard to find where you are going. We arrived at the spot they told us to go and didn’t see the house we were looking for. Frustrated we started hiking around the little alleys. Eventually and old lady calls to us asking if we are looking for an apartment. She was the host but her sign had fallen down. I really didn’t understand how she expected us to find the place but that is now in the past.



  1. I love your old man schedule! Hee hee!

  2. Sounds like people are pretty friendly and willing to help there. It also sounds like you and Tyler have quite the problem with listening to directions haha… Tyler always does this thing where he just nods and acts like he knows exactly what the person is talking about and then when I ask him where we are going and he has no idea lol.
    I noticed that the few pictures you have on this page seem to be from web pages… lol. It’s pretty tempting to stop taking pictures when Tyler is snapping millions isn’t it?

  3. Thanks for the lovely post.. good luck!

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