Posted by: bkropf | March 29, 2008

Underwear, Under-where, Everywhere

Lake Bled, what is there really to say? It looks like someone moved the town of Sisters to Crater Lake and threw in a castle and large church.

I left Tyler at the train station as he was going to see some caves. I jumped on a bus and headed into the hills. Upon arrival at the lake I really realized how dead Bled was. I think there were about 4 tourists in the whole area. I was struck by the beauty. There are amazing mountains with snow in the background with a cool looking castle on a cliff overlooking the lake. If you pay some money, a guy will row you out to the middle of the lake to a church on an island. Because no one was there, I decided to hike around the lake. I passed some locals on a stroll but really nothing happened outside of me taking in some amazing views. I wanted to go to the church on the island and ring the bell, however, it would have have been weird riding in a gondola boat by myself manned by a old Slovenian.

I stopped part way around the lake to get some of Lake Bled’s famous dessert. I was sitting in this restaurant all by myself. I read my book (Master and Margarita) a bit and then continued to walk. I made it around the lake and I visited another church. This church was awesome because it was on a little hill and about the only way there was walking. It didn’t have a parking lot. I looked around and went in for a bit. It is funny how flannel-graph translates the same in every language.

You might have the desire to see this most pristine location however I forgot my memory card in Tyler’s computer and was able to take zero pictures.

I was enjoying the sun but decided to head back into Ljubljana. I searched around the town at some local clothing stores thinking about buying a new coat, to be more fashionable. I thought better of it though when I saw the prices and thinking about the fact I am heading to poorer and poorer areas and fashion will become less important.

Shopping I noticed something funny though. There is about 721% more underwear options for dudes in Europe. When buying underwear back home it seems like you have a 3 options of styles, a couple color and fabric options and then pick your brand. Most stores dedicate maybe 100 sqft to men’s underwear. Not in Europe, At H&M half of one level was underwear. I didn’t even want underwear but had to browse and laugh a little at all the options.

Tyler got back from the caves and we decided to go eat. We talked to a guy from Seattle who recommended a local delicacy, goulash. He said it was easy to find so we wandered around a while and never found it. With heads hung low in disgrace, we had to go back and get better directions. They pointed to it on a map and I had no clue what was going on but Tyler looked like he knew so I didn’t really pay attention. All I remembered was the name started with a ‘P.’ We started walking and it quickly became evident that Tyler had done the same thing I did, he thought I knew where they were pointing and didn’t really pay attention but simply nodded like he had understood. We walked and walked and eventually found the restaurant Pompf. We both ordered the Wild Goulash made with wild boar and venison and dumplings on the side (I don’t know if they threw a little horse in, but I like to think so). I really liked it, Tyler wasn’t really as open to it but we both ate up.

A nagging eating injury continues to be the bane of my existence! It all started on my first kebab…I opened my mouth far too wide and split the corner of my mouth a little. Now every time I eat it seems to aggravate it again.

I don’t know whether dogs in Eastern Europe or more ferocious or if people’s skin is more sensitive to dog bites but every dog walking around seems to be muzzled.

I am no marketing guru but I have common sense and a business management degree. Advertisements continue to confuse me here. Diving though the center of some of these towns I see billboards for things such as welders, chainsaws and mowers. Maybe its just me, but it doesn’t seem that a normal citizen is going to run out and purchase a welder on a whim because they saw a billboard. I mean, how many individuals even buy welders? Maybe 6, in the world!

We got harassed by the local cops last night. I’m not sure why, I wasn’t too concerned though because one of them was texting while the other talked to us. I was so lucky I had ID on me at the time, the hostel was holding my passport at the moment and for some reason, I just happened to have my license with me. Very lucky indeed.



  1. So why did you guys get harassed by the cops? Did it have to do with underwear? 🙂

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