Posted by: bkropf | March 29, 2008

Questions and Comments

Leo, I am in Dubrovnik for a while, find me a statue or two. 

I posted a ton of pictures and have so many more that will be coming up. Just to be honest, many if not all of the photos posted since Tyler arrived have been his, it is easier to just have one person take the pictures, especially when he is better at it and has superior equipment. I haven’t had time to link them but that will be coming.  Also, I have had complaints (Mom) that there are not enough photos of Tyler and too many of me.  I agree but every time I try to take the camera from Tyler to photograph him he mumbles something about being shy and not photogenic. Boo! 

Does anyone know how dangerous Serbia is?  We keep hearing we shouldn’t be going to Belgrade and we are trying to decide if we are calling off that portion or not, such a tough decision.  I keep hearing from natives that Bush just visited Kosovo and gave them weapons and really angered a ton of Serbians.



  1. Hey! I never mumble and am way too good looking to hide from cameras…

    jk jk…


  2. It’s Sat. eve. and amazingly there were FIVE new reads tonight…well, one was a duplicate! Anyway, they were GREAT! I laughed a LOT! It’s funny to compare your writings with Tyler’s!
    Keep them coming! I enjoyed the pictures!
    Love and prayers, MOM

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