Posted by: bkropf | March 29, 2008

Goulash and Rash: No Connection I Hope

We left Ljubljana early in the morning after waking many of our roommates. I didn’t feel very bad because they had just woke me up about 3 hours earlier at 4am.  

The night before I had spoken with a Scottish guy who is a school teacher and part time police officer. I thought that it was funny he was a cop only on the weekends. He said Scotland is about the only place he has heard of part time cops.

We jumped on the train to Zagreb, Croatia. Going over the boarder I was a little worried how long the customs agent was looking at my passport. Then she never stamped my passport as we entered Croatia! I’m not legal adviser but doesn’t that mean that I have no documentation that I am here legally. Wouldn’t that mean I am an illegal alien? I am always terrified of being asked for my passport, it being scanned and then the person yelling in a foreign tongue, subsequently grabbing me and being deported.

We got to a hole, named Zagreb. I don’t think it has any redeeming qualities. It might have some, but I didn’t see any. We basically walked half a mile from the train station to the bus station and jumped on a bus for Split, Croatia.

I fell asleep on the bus and faded in and out of consciousness. Upon awakening I couldn’t believe it but I think the bus had been transported to the planet Hoth. There was so much snow I really couldn’t believe it was April and that I was in a Adriatic country. Falling back asleep I was trying to figure out why everyone around had such bad body odor. Tyler confirmed that he smelled it too, so I don’t want any comments on how the body odor I was smelling was my own! Additionally, I know how I smell and I’m sure it wasn’t me, it definitely had an exotic…almost Croatian flavor.

We got to the harbor city of Split. Split is where a Roman emperor built a large palace long ago (I think around 300AD or 400AD). The snow was gone and it was absolutely warm. It was the first time on the trip we shed our coats and walked around in some t-shirts. We found our hostel but it was the luckiest find. It was this tiny little alley in the middle of many other tiny alleys.

I really didn’t like our hostel at all. It was so small and cramped, there was no space or privacy. We got a food recommendation from the Americans staying there so we took off to find the restaurant. As with Pompf in Ljubljana, we walked and walked and never found it. We went back to the hostel again and checked the map. We went searching again and still couldn’t find it. We asked a number of locals and they didn’t know where it was. I was thinking the place was a myth but eventually one shop owner knew where it was. We sat down and enjoyed all the menu options: Fish, Octopus, Squid, Pork, Chicken and Meat. We picked out what we wanted and the waiter came to take our order. Tyler asked for fish and we found that there was no fish to be had. I then asked for some chicken with the same luck. We finally found that the seafood risotto was available so we had that.

That night I went walking around this cool little park enjoying the evening. I quickly found out I was where I shouldn’t be. A woman approached me and asked something in Croatian. I told her I only spoke English. Without going into the specifics she followed to proposition me in English. I politely told her I was good and didn’t need any services. I moved to a different area of the park. A second women approached and asked if I needed some companionship. I was like, “Oh yeah I need some companionship…you find me a nice Christian girl back in the States and I’ll show you companionship.” Ok, so I only thought that and said something like, “No thank you, I’m sure you are nice but I’m a loner.” After the second, I decided to remove myself from the situation and went back to the hostel.

On a completely unrelated topic I had a 30 minute rash. We were walking around trying to find a restaurant and my legs started really hurting. I complained a while and when we got back to the hostel. I checked out the situation, much to my chagrin. I had visions of Croatian hospitals and amputations. I did want any other person on the road does and tried to ignore it. The next morning I was on the mend doing fine, no rash in sight.

I believe there are many types of privacy but people really don’t talk about ‘noise’ privacy much. I really never knew it even existed until the hostel I stayed at in Budapest. The bathrooms didn’t have walls that went to the ceiling so everything happening in my bathroom could be heard by everyone and vise-versa.

I received word my phone is now in transit to Bulgaria. If I ever see it again I think it is going to be a miracle.



  1. Sounds like you found a nice park… haha you definately have a unique story to tell at least. So you do like Croatia as much as Tyler does? It is all he seems to rave about these days.

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