Posted by: bkropf | March 24, 2008

A Bed Bug Devoured Me Last Night

I can’t figure out why, but I have been having many vivid dreams. Maybe it is the bed bugs that keep biting me. My most recent dream was last night. I was sitting in the subway waiting for the train when an ambulance drove up and the paramedics ran over to me and tried to pick me up. Like any normal person, I was concerned about the cost of going to the hospital by ambulance and voiced my concern. I also was wondering why I needed to even go to the hospital. They said an anonymousindividual had called them about me and the costs were covered by the anonymous caller. That explanation sounded valid so we went to the hospital. There some nurse was examining a lump on my back and it ended up being cancerous. I was very distraught and was considering death and what it would mean for me being in Europe and all. I woke up relieved that I don’t have cancer, at least not to my knowledge…I am feeling a little sick though. 

One thing interesting about all these old Eastern European towns is that it looks as though they were built to accommodate revolutions. Each town has a massive plaza surrounded by palaces. I can envision mobs with clubs and pitchforks storming the palaces and demanding an end to Soviet rule. If the Communist would have been smart, they would have eliminated any place where lots of people can gather in any significant numbers. Revolutions would have been so much easier to manage. I am trying to think of ways to incorporate this knowledge into my business management skills.


Back to Hungary for a moment, I was not aware it was so corrupt. While talking with Krisztina and her friends they had some fun corruption facts: 1) If you get pulled over by the police you can ask, “Officer, is there anything I can do?” Then they look at the car you are driving, where you live, and how old your are and say that for a fee nothing will happen. 2) Another of the girls who is working for the EU said that at the end of her internship she had 3 full time positions offered to her. But she wouldn’t sleep with her boss so all three offers were revoked. She said this is very common there. She thought working in the United States was so nice.


I saw a man carrying a chainsaw through the middle of Budapest.


Vienna was really nice for the most part. Probably the nicest palaces I have seen yet. Other than that, there wasn’t a ton to do. I felt like Tyler and I saw pretty much everything in the two days we were there. One thing we failed to do was see the world famous Lipizzaner Horse Show. I wanted to but Tyler was not a huge fan (Plus we can see the less famous show in Slovenia). It was funny, we were randomly walking by this big building and we saw some people standing around with cameras…so we stopped with our cameras. We hadn’t a clue what was going on but as we stopped more and more people just stopped and we all sat around wondering what we were waiting for. We started laughing because what if nothing happened. Soon after though all the Lipizzaner horses went trotting right by us to their stables after their show. It was pretty cool, I was so close to them I could have jump in from of them.


We checked out a famous architect’s building he constructed, but I think his genius was lost on us.


We went to this little carnival and took a picture by this huge ferris-wheel where the movie The Third Man was filmed. My buddy Jason owns this movie and thinks it one of the best ever. In the movie Orson Wells ad libsa big speech in the ferris-wheel about peace.  We took some pictures and kept on moving.


It started raining so we went to the Royal Apartments to see the Sissi and Tableware Museum. I found it funny that two dudes were wondering around looking at glassware, silverware and various types of candlesticks. We skipped through the crock potspretty quickly and onto the Sissi Museum. Who is Sissi, I had the same question. She married the king of Austria at age 16 or something and became quite eccentric. She was obsessed with her slim figure and had a gym installed in her royal apartments. She started traveling a ton and became progressively more and more reclusive. Eventually she was assassinated by some Irish guy for pretty much no reason.


That evening we played a bunch of Foosball with the British girls. We crushed them game after game. I thought we represented the US pretty well. We then went out for some traditional Vienna food at Mozart’s Strube. I had some sausage dumpling things.


The Bulgarian Ski Team stayed in our room with us. I need to remember to watch the 2010 Olympics to see if I recognize any of them.


I almost forgot, I did find the statue that Leon had me look for in Budapest. It was in the main large park next to the Museum of Agriculture. It was probably one of the cooler statues I have seen. Keep the good pictures coming, I am in Ljubljana for two more days.


This morning when we got up it was snowing pretty hard. Though unfashionable here in Europe, I am still really happy I brought my Gortex Northface Jacket.  You can often spot Americans because they are the only ones wearing North Face jackets. We are on the train nearing the Slovenian border and it is getting sunny. I am in a nice pattern currently, each morning I am leaving a city the weather is horrible and as I near the new base of operations the weather is getting sunnier.


I think dehydration is taking its toll on my body.  To save money, I don’t buy water and then because I’m not drinking water, I don’t use the bathroom and save money by not using public toilets.  This has been working great for a while but I think my body is starting to crave water.


I can’t believe I am saying this but I am getting tired of eating so many pastries all the time. It would be so nice to have some asparagus or corn right now.



  1. What a great read….I don’t know about those dreams…..maybe it’s linked to lack of water!
    Maybe it’s GOOD to get sick of pastries, etc. You don’t look (on your pictures) like you’re gaining….I think your face looks leaner!
    Love, Mom

  2. Way to go Barney
    You seriously want me to keep sending you on wild goose chases, i will do it. i think i’m gonna have to start making them a little more challenging.
    I’m thinking Krisztina wasn’t to enthused about having her pic taken.
    what the bras, Barns, you think just cause your wearing some $200 North Face gortex jacket you can’t drink that euro water, CMON.
    Anyways, lovin the stories, keep it up. I think this is what you were born for. next time i’m comin. You need to start making some videos with you and tyler giving mini cyber tours and other dumb stuff. it would be fun.
    Adrian says hi, and he wants more pictures of those european chicks.
    peace, keep dreaming.

  3. Haha, it is nice to see you make a joke about the water mom.

  4. Leon, We are still trying to find more people for Ireland….you need to come!!! It would be the icing on the cake or the gravy on top. We are going to be there about May 3 or 4 through May 10th. If you can’t come get Adrian to come….oh wait, I forgot about Lebanon. JK Adrian.

  5. Creepy dreams Barney. I can’t believe you got bed bug bites! Lucky for you I think they stay on the bed and not on your body.
    Mom was just talking about how its too bad that it is snowing there, then she looked out the window and it was snowing here… haha.
    Sounds like you guys are having fun.

  6. Barney, I have a plan. Get a big duffle bag, we’ll call it Nathan’s Pastry Pack. Every time you find yourself about to put another annoying pastry into your mouth, instead put it into Nathan’s Pastry Pack. When Nathan’s Pastry Pack gets full you can ship it to me, or you can just bring it back with you on the plane. I will do the same with all my asparagus and corn, and we can trade bags when I see you next.

  7. Got me itching with that bedbug bites remark!

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