Posted by: bkropf | March 23, 2008

Dancing…Oh Yeah!!!

Last night was one of my best traveling experiences EVER! I really almost didn’t go meet the Hungarians because it was really out of my comfort zone. But I decided, it could be a really horrible experience or a really good experience. I went.

Getting the the people’s house was an adventure on the metro system. I had to take a subway for a while, then hop on a bus. I couldn’t read anything so I was hoping I wasn’t breaking any law by not buying extra tickets for transfers. The bus went up into the hills of Budapest and I became more and more concerned I would get lost, especially when it started getting dark. I jumped off the bus where I felt it was appropriate and started walking about 10 minutes. Fortunately for me, I found the house with no problems.


Krisztina met me with a big Hungarian kiss and introduced me to her friends. They were so amazing an considerate. We hung out and talked about life for a while and started making some egg-salad and preparing cheese. She gave me some of her favorite beer. Other friends started showing up and were awesome. I am pretty sure these people were quite well off financially. One guy I really like had traveled almost all over the world and is an advanced diver. One thing I really appreciated about the group is they tried to speak in English to include me. When they didn’t one of them would keep me abreast of what was going on. Pretty soon two other Couch Surfers from Luxembourg showed up and we ate dinner.


After dinner a cab arrived and we all piled in for a crazy ride to their favorite hang out. The taxi driver was this little old Hungarian man with a paunch and gray mustache covering his mouth unless he was smiling. He wanted to impress the girls so he drove crazily and scared most of us senseless. I don’t recommend taxis in Hungary. The bar we went to ended up being a Communist bar, or so I thought at first. There was lots of hammer/sickles and other paintings of Communist statues with lots of writing. I asked about it and they said the writing was mocking Communism. We ended up staying for a couple hours and I was getting very tired and started trying to figure how I was going to find my way home late at night. The crazy taxi man showed up again and whisked us away to another unknown location. At last out of the corner of the window I spotted a store that was next to my hostel. Then the taxi stopped. The club was near my hostel. What a relief.


ASIDE: When I was home my uncle Chuck and I talked about buying some glasses with built in audio and video. These glasses would be able to transmit all I hear and see to home, which could be streamed online for all to see. We never got around to purchasing them but, Chuck, you would have gotten your money’s worth last night.


We descended into a hole under the street to find a driving techno beat. We began to dance. I more huddled in the corner swaying a little trying not to be noticed. I was also watching my coat that had been thrown in the corner with my passport, camera, etc. Europeans love clubbing so they were all in their element. I however hate it and was hoping we could leave sooner than later. After a while it was decided that we were moving again so I used this as a good time to bow out and walk to my hostel. We all said goodbye and I took off.


It was a crazy and amazing night. As I lay in bed that night I couldn’t sleep with excitement, I couldn’t believe I had just spent the night with a bunch of amazing people in Budapest. What a great life!



  1. Everything Barney said is a total lie… I’m here to fact-check for all of his readers!

  2. Yeah, but I have the power to delete your comments, boohahaaha.

  3. I bet you really looked good dancing with those gals from budapest since you have those dancing genes you got from your mother.

  4. How are the feet doing now with all the swaying and night clubing? Still sporting the Duck Hat?

  5. I’m so glad you were a good sport and swayed 🙂 Sounds like an amazing experience. I decided that I am really glad that you are doing this trip because now you will have a hard time integrating back into normal life and will always just want to travel hahaha…

  6. THAT is the scariest entry you’ve written yet…..I’m clear shaky! Now, I can’t tell if it’s true or not! At any rate, I’m sure your angels are being overworked! Cheryl and family is so kind to send you your shoe deals, peeps, etc. Yes, Chuck, Barney is so blessed to get my dancing genes!!! Love, Mom

  7. You wussed out early… Very dissapointed in you Barny.

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