Posted by: bkropf | March 23, 2008

Crap, Where is My Phone?

Today is Easter, what a great day.  But I am still trying to finish my Budapest events:

After recovering at the Castle at the top of Budapest I went back to my hostel and sat for a while and relaxed.  I had done tons of walking for the day.  I met randomly two guys from Corbon College in Salem Oregon.  We actually knew some of the same people and such so that was really interesting. 

In the evening I went and met the Hungarian people but I have written about that experience previously. 

The next morning I was up early to catch the train to Vienna.  When I was buying the ticket I was pretty worried I was getting ripped off.  I asked the lady if this is where I could by a ticket to Vienna.  She grabbed a scrap piece of paper and scribbed Wien on it and nodded to me.  I paid her whatever she told me and she handed me the piece of paper in an evelope and sent me away.  Whatever she gave me worked, becuase I made it to Vienna.  As I neared my hostel I saw this goofy looking guy wandering around totally lost.  I thought I might be able to help him out so I yelled, “Hey Tyler, where are you going?” We walked back to the hostel together.

Unpacking in the hostel I realized I had left my phone in Budapest at the hostel.  I was pretty stressed that someone picked it up and started racking up minutes at $3 a pop.  I emailed the hostel and they said they found it and were keeping it for me.  I was going to have the guy from Corbon take it back to Salem for me but he had checked out.  I think the hostel is going to mail it to the hostel we are staying at in Croatia.  I hope this all works out.  For the record though, nothing has been stolen (knock on wood).

I am currently wearing some foot cushions my aunt Cheryl sent me and they are very nice.  Thank you.  I also shaved with the shaver sent and it works great.  No longer do I look like a crazed hairy man wandering the trainstations.  I hope Tyler pays you back for them because I am going to pay him for them. 

Linda, I am thinking of something fun to hide in the cities you will visit for you to find, I haven’t come up with anything yet but I am still thinking. 

Andrew…Send pictures of Alivia if you can!



  1. Hey Barns! Sounds like your having an exciting time! I’m curious to find out who you met up with from Corban. Do I know them?


  2. That is so crazy that you guys randomly ran into eachother in, pretty convenient though. Did you eat your peeps yet? We will make sure Tyler pays my mom for you, don’t worry 🙂

  3. He hasn’t paid me a dime so don’t send the collectors yet haha.

    And I found him!! He didn’t find me! lol

    I could see that big yellow 0 a mile away.

  4. Adrian: You don’t know them, they are still going to school, his name was Mitchell Emmert.

    Kristin: I did eat the Peeps and loved each one. I still think you should meet us in Ireland.

    Tyler: Deduct the cost of the shaver/foot pads from your tab

  5. Wow, I had no idea your adventures never ended, Carmen Sandiego. I really need to read your blog more often. Enjoy Europe!

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