Posted by: bkropf | March 21, 2008

I’m a total Scrub

I just showered and am waiting for my hair to dry.  Yes, today, finally, I am doing my hair and not wearing a hat.  Why you may ask.  Because a lady from Couch Surfing is making dinner for some people traveling through Budapest.  How awesome is that?  Then she and her friends are going to take us out to some local places.  Should be fun, the only problem is I am out of clean clothes.  Additionally, I only have one pair of shoes that are really not suitable for dinner functions.  With that said, I think it is really unfair that I have to try to be presentable when I am living out of a backpack and these people have all the comfort of their closets to keep their clothes wrinkle free and are ablI have the image etched in my head, maybe I’ll try to draw it but it was pretty bad. I remember telling my mom the kid e to store multiple pairs of shoes. 

I have been noticing that I am always feeling horribly under-dressed.  I like to blame it on the fact that I am living in hostels and carrying my clothes everywhere but I find many other people in my same situation are pretty well dressed.  I think when it comes down to it, when I am out of the state of Oregon or Washington, I am a total scrub.  I think train of thought must go something like this, “I will probably never see any of these people again, who cares if my shirt has a stain and my shoes don’t match my outfit, who do I have to impress?”  I don’t think it is necessarily a good attitude, however my utilitarian nature sometimes overcomes my better judgement. 

My hair is about dry so I have to go but I wanted to say I had another funny dream last night.  I dreamed me and some woman (she wasn’t a part of the dream) gave birth to a baby and it was so UGLY!!! was ugly and she was really mad at me.  What can I learn from this dream…1) I don’t think I am ready to have kids, 2) I hope my wife is beautiful and the kid gets her looks, 3) Maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself if I think a child is ugly.

Oh, one reason I am not happy Tyler is coming.  I have to more accurately write my stories so he won’t call out my embellishments.  Hahaha



  1. yo scrub, one of ur fav ‘lil ol ladies here… Yes, Linda!!! Hi Anita if you read this. Cinnamon and i both are having dreams about rick steves prior to our upcoming trip. In my dream i told him to leave cinnamon alone in her dreams.
    I have had the under dressed feeling in travel as well and now take 4 bags and a porter just like when europe was called the “grand tour” OK maybe not, but i do pack less generically.
    Good Friday and i think MH is gonna be heavy hitting the sin issue this eve. Mason is going to get baptized on Sunday. PTL Luv Linda<

  2. I noticed in Spain that Americans tend to dress worse than Spaniards. They probably wouldn’t think of going out in sweats and stuff.

  3. So I’m waiting for you here at the Vienna hostel… I’m afraid I’m here about 5 hours before you so I’ll probably go wandering around. For some reason I got suckered into the “Vienna Card” for free transportation for 3 days so I might go make the best of it… You know, ride the subway around in circles or something.

    I won’t point out your exagerrations if you don’t point out mine. As long as we are on the same page with our crazy stories no one will be able to tell…

    I always thought that Spaniards were some of the sketchiest dressed people in Europe haha. Loose clothing and mullets were everywhere. Of course maybe mullets are a fashion statement in Spain… I’m not familiar with the culture other than the week we were there.

  4. So glad to hear Tyler is in Vienna….hope you two have a wonderful, memorable Easter! Hi to you–Linda…it was so good to see you 2 weeks ago!
    Ben and Emily are cooking us dinner—what a splendid thing! Hmmmm….I think I liked your Scrub “essay”, Barney! Can’t wait to read the next one! Love, Mom

  5. Yo Bro…have a great and happy Easter! It is cool reading about your adventure. Alivia is doing great and growing lots. Angie and I are having a good time with her.

    I know what you mean about European’s dressing up….We noticed that when we were in Italy. Someone told us before we went to take nice clothes. Sometimes we felt underdressed, however we looked different with our American style anyway.

    By the way…the ducks lost there first game in the NCAA tourney. Died by the 3 – Suck!

  6. Barny sounds like you guys are having a very interesting time!!!! Don’t do anything to crazy!!!!
    Keep the posts coming!!!!

    Have a blessed day.


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