Posted by: bkropf | March 20, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Computer

I can tell I am going to love Budapest

I can’t really remember much of my last night in Krakow.  I think I just went to bed after walking around.  Oh, I did watch some pro wrestling with the girls running the desk.  They love it for some reason, I tried not to scoff. 

This morning I stole a book from the hostel to read on the train.  The lady running the place said I should so I don’t know if it is technically stealing, probably more like transporting the book to the next hostel. 

I left my computer in Krakow with my friend from the hostel.  She is either going to sell it or smash it.  I wanted to take a picture of me hurling it from a speeding train but I guess that will have to remain a fantasy.

It was sad saying goodbye to all the people at the hostel.  I know I was only there three days but I feel like I made some friends.  Waiting for the train to Budapest I made a new friend too.  A girl from N. Carolina.  It was so nice to have someone to talk to on the 9 hours to Budapest.  We mostly talked about our Europe experiences, weird dreams we have had, our mutual love for farms and our disdain for clubbing.  The train looked dilapidated but it got us here safely.  I still have had nothing stolen (knock on wood), I know some of you thought I was going to be an easy target, haha you are wrong (thus far).  I agree though, I find that I am often way too trusting of people but I like to try to think the world is a pretty good place for the most part.  My case and point, I dropped my glove today and did anyone steal it…no, in fact someone picked it up and gave it back to me.  See, people are pretty good.

I have been pretty happy with my ability to make some friends.  Normally, I feel like I am pretty reserved when I first am in a new situation but I have been trying my best to be proactive to meet people.  It really paid off today because the girl on the train met a friend from Budapest who showed me exactly where I needed to go to find my hostel.  I would have been lost without her. 

I am so tired from my trip, but if my camera isn’t stolen in the morning I will be uploading pictures.  Yeah!!!!  I am really looking forward to having Tyler here soon. There is one reason I am loathing the fact he is coming but you will have to read that tomorrow! 



  1. Hey Barns
    Sounds like your having a blast.
    Your stories are the highlight of my boring rainy days. Budapest looks really cool on google earth. I got another cool statue for you to find.

    This was also a cool pic that you should see if you can find(hint, Elisabeth)
    Unbeknownst to the photographer they captured a rod in mid flight, freaky.

  2. It was nice of you to share your computer…When’s Tyler getting there?

  3. It’s late Thurs. eve. and it was so nice to find a read here before I go to bed….I’m curious WHAT the reason is you are “loathing” Tyler coming–what in the world??? I, for one, am GLAD he is joining you…you’ll be making memories for life!
    I’m glad you make friends easily….wow, 9 hrs. on the train! Keep the stories coming!
    Love and prayers, mom

  4. It’s because I’m coming to destroy his ducks hat!

    I’m in PDX now using the wireless internet… I’ll see you at the hostel in about 24 hours!

    Go out at night in Budapest… they have one of the best views of any city in the world at night… Just go look across the river at the palace and you’ll know what I mean.

  5. What all did you do in Krakow??? Krakow was in the top ten places I think!

  6. I think I did most things Krakow has to offer, Salt Mines, Auschwitz, Old Town, Castle, Markets, etc. It was a blast, I really like it too, the people made it awesome.

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