Posted by: bkropf | March 18, 2008

The Beef, My Beef

Ok, people warned me, so I knew this time would come.  Walking through this amazing church today I really wasn’t wholly impressed.  What has happened to me, the place was spectacular.  I guess I did see my calousness coming, but this leads me to my beef with some churches:

When did these churches stop being about Jesus and start being about something else?  As I walked around, I noted this church was full of old kings remains and altars to patron saints.  You even have to pay a fee to get in.  What if you attended the church and just wanted to pray?  Do any of these churches even operate anymore?

As I walked around I just felt like the building was temple to achievements instead of a place for Christians to gather. 

To be fair, I did see a nun today so at least one person seems to care about serving God, however, my beef still stands.



  1. What we decided is that any church that we find in Europe is going to be one that caters to tourists… simply because we were able to find it.

    Poland is full of Christians… probably the only country in Europe left with lots of Christians… and the real churches are off the beaten tourist path. At least that’s what we decided on our trip.

    You should still try and go to the salt mines if you have time!

  2. What I can understand from your post, is that you have visited Wawel Cathedral. This used to be a cathedral where polish kings were crowned. Don’t be surprised, there are many kings sculptures there. If you want to see church used on daily basis, check any other. There are dozens of churches in Krakow, most of them opened everyday, with people praying inside. Pick one and visit it in Sunday. You should see it full.

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