Posted by: bkropf | March 17, 2008

Train to Krakow

I seem to be getting alot of grief about the feet cushions.  Look guys, I’m not a robot!!!  If I was flexible enough I would check out the bottom of my feet to see if I have bruises, take pictures and shove them in your proverbial faces.

Awe the train to Krakow went so well.  I had to wait forever in the train station.  For how amazing Prague is, the train station is the exact opposite…HORRIBLE.  I saw a guy or woman (I didn’t really check it out) taking a dump in the flowerbeds.  Then a drunk guy passed out next to me and the police came and kept pinching him until he woke up and then he subsequently fell down.  They hauled him away.  There was really no place to sit so I went upstairs where I found out everyone was crazy.  I’m not a big heroine buff but I am pretty sure I saw some people shooting up.  I got a little nervous and went back down with the people who were just drunk.  After waiting for about three hours I boarded my train.  I had this little berth to sleep on and it was awesome.  I slept the whole way to Krakow.  The only time I woke up was when some drunk English hooligans started smoking in their area and people started yelling. 

I arrived in Krakow about 6:30am and had no clue where to go again.  I finally found a map and randomly saw the street I was looking for and struck off walking.  I made it to the hostel about 7:30 and no one was up.  I circled a while and about 8 people were up.  I checked in and the hostel couldn’t be nicer.  I mean the little things in life mean so much: soft toilet-paper, normal keyboards where I can find the ‘?’ key, funny hosts, free internet, free coffee, soft beds.

I think one thing funny about traveling alone is you start noticing people who look like your friends/acquaintances from home.  I saw a guy who looked like my old coworker Aaron Peake, a guy who looked like Mr. Sanchez my old Spanish teacher and so many more.  I don’t know if it is some desire in me to feel ‘at home’ or a sense of belonging but every time I am alone for a long time I start ‘recognizing’ people.

Tyler, If you have a problem with my hat I think you should get a big Benny the Beaver outfit and wear it around Europe.  I would love it and then we could maybe make some money by having you dance in the street.



  1. I’m excited to hear what you think about Auschwitz and the salt mines if you are able to go there. You could probably do both in one day and they are both some of the highlights from both of my trips to Europe.

    We loved Krakow! The people are what makes that place nice.

    I’m praying so hard that you’ve lost that hat by Friday lol.

  2. I don’t get the feet cushion remark? That is so gross about the train station!

  3. What Hostel did you stay at?

  4. I stayed at Zidakus or something like that. It was pretty small but definitely amazing. Probably the best one I have been at but the one here in Ljubjana is competing for a first place to. I am having a love affair with Ljubjana right now, I love it!!! Tyler and I walked around and couldn’t believe it.

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