Posted by: bkropf | March 16, 2008


I have a couple hours to kill before my train leaves for Krakow, Poland.  So I have holed back up in my local neighborhood internet cafe wasting some time. 

The train ride from Berlin to Prague was really fun.  It was really nice to get a little time to sit.  As we passed all these towns in Germany there were sections of the town that had tiny tiny houses that all had little paths and gardens.  When I say, they were small, I mean about the size of my bedroom.  I am curious what those areas of town are called.  There were no roads around the houses, they were just large tracks of land with tons of tiny houses and little paths and gardens.  I wish I had a picture, it kindof reminded me of a modern hobbit shire.

The other thing that surprised me was the carnage in many of the Czech cities we passed.  I could be totally off here, but it looked almost like the towns were destroyed by bombings in a war and some of the buildings were never rebuild. 

So halfway through the trip I talked to this German guy and we found out we were not stopping at the main train station in Prague but the one outside of town.  Additionally, I was starting to realize I really did not know how to get to my hostel either way.  When we got to the station in Prague it was a mad house with tons of people everywhere and I was a little overwhelmed.  I sat for a bit and gathered my thoughts.  I finally found what metro station I needed to get off at and I hopped on the tram.  Once I got to my station I still had no idea where to go so I just asked some people if they knew where my street was and I found the hostel few problems.  In my room I found two Danish guys, Sven and Thomas.  They gave me an orange and a licorice pipe and we sat and talked for a bit while we ate.

I decided not to waste my evening so I struck out on the town.  I ended up walking a couple miles through Old Town and saw much of the old sitesDusk over the river was beautiful and the sunset/castle was amazing.  Prague definitely lived up to my expectations and they were pretty high.  It is almost like Disneyland but so much better because everything is real and it is a whole city instead of just a park.  Also, you don’t have to deal with all the long lines at Magic Mountain.

That night I crashed hard and woke up refreshed.  I am surprised I am sleeping so well given these beds are poor at best.  This hostels bed consists of some couch cushions stacked on each other.

The one things bad about Prague is the cobblestone streets.  They are destroying my feet.  I swear I have big bruises on the bottom of my feet.  I am pleading with Tyler to bring me some Dr. Sholes, or whatever those things are called.  Speaking of cobblestone streets…one of the most amazing feats I have ever seen is all these tall women walking around in high-heels.  I can barely walk around without tripping and they gracefully saunter around without their heel getting caught in any cracks and never twisting a delicate ankle.  How amazing.

My second day in Prague was perfect, I really don’t know how it could have gotten much better.  I woke up really early and the sun was shining.  I jumped up ready to blog and see the world.  Little did I know nothing opens here until nine at the earliest.  So I just wandered the empty streets for a couple hours.  Then I met a group of people for a free walking tour.  It was pretty good, but not nearly as fun as the one in Berlin.  I think the reason is the Berlin History is so much more fascinating to me.  I mean WW2 is way more relevant to me than something that happened in 1218.  I met a funny couple from Wisconsin who are studying in Budapest.  We decided to spend the day together so after the tour we found an old monetary that brews their own beer.  We had lunch there in the sun.  We then walked to the top of this hill and took in the Prague skyline

I was completely wiped so I went back to the hostel and slept for a while.  Upon waking, the Danes and others were going out for the night.  I was still groggy but they convinced me I should so with them.  I am really happy I did, it was a blast.  There were four Danes, two Germans, a Kiwi and a French guy and we took off cruising the city.  We had a blast going from place to place and seeing all sorts of funny people.  General consensus of everyone there is that Obama is the man they want for President but they don’t really know why.  They know he is more liberal and they want that.  Their feeling is that America is so conservative compared to Europe, and they are correct.  They say our liberal party is very conservative compared to their conservative parties.  I guess what I don’t understand is why we have to be just like them, does it matter if we have some different policies.

Back to the story though, I was tired again about 2am so the Kiwi and I walked back to the hostel.  I tried to sleep but someone was having relations very loud and it was hard to sleep with all the noise. 

Today I have spent most of my time relaxing and waiting for my train.  I feel like I have see most of Prague.  Also my legs are feeling really tired and hurt from all the walking.  I did go see St. Nicholas Church and its interior was probably the coolest I have seen.  There were really intense statues everywhere and a really immense fresco mural on the ceiling.  I took tons of pictures but I am pretty sure they will fail to do it justice. 

I am really surprised about how beautiful the people are here.  It is isn’t really like you see one or two people that are more attractive than normal,  on the whole, people seem to me certifiably more beautiful across the board.  It is just really hard to believe.  Makes me wonder if the rest of the world got hit with an ugly gene or if they just got lucky.  The guys from Denmark were saying that most people in Eastern Europe are really beautiful though.

Today I think I saw the cheesiest filming of a movie ever.  One one the streets it looked like a really low-budget German outfit was trying to make a movie set in winter.  They had all these people decked out in winder gear on a fake ice rink and they had snow everywhere.  The snow made me laugh though because it was just tons of white wool material draped over everything.  I tried to get in some of the shots but I think I failed.

It is funny how people I meet are on the same track as me.  The Kiwis are going to be in Krakow a couple days while I am there and the girls from Chile are going to be in Budapest when I am there.  I feel like everyone is following the same itinerary. 



  1. I’ll bring you your feet things, but only if you promise to get rid of that horrible hat!

    I love Prague! We were always impressed that the girls there could walk around on those high heels on the cobblestone.

  2. From looking at your pictures, it seems your blog left out the one thing I would have mentioned first: how different the cars are there.

    The one you took a picture of in Prague is crazy. Do they use ladders to get into them, or do the cars themselves kneel down? I’d love to see them running all over the streets. It’d be nice not to have to worry about flat tires, but what about sprained ankles?

  3. We had Alivia for 5-6 hrs. on sat. while A & A went to Eugene…it was so fun! I think she is on the verge of smiling–very sweet! She took her bottle no problem–wonderful! Aleah came over and helped feed her-fun! Loved your last stories of Prauge…I’m sorry about your feet and legs!!!
    Today at Church Home group, a young couple was talking about this “amazing” preacher they “found” on the internet–Mark Driscoll….they couldn’t believe our kids went to his church! ha
    Keep writing and be safe….Love, Mom

  4. Like the car with legs – Great art!
    Barney keep the hat and purchase your own feet things.

  5. Oh, that car was art? Now I feel silly.

  6. Well done on the statue Barns. My question is did you mention that you are one of the average conservatives, or are you pretending to be a Hillary boy. Forget the feet things and fix your computer. Also The Decemberists and Death Cab have a show on may 23, you gonna be around?

  7. That car was not art, that is really what they drive in Europe. Also, I told the Europeans I hate Bush and am a really big Obama fan. Hey, I need to be liked!!! Leo, obiously you have never had to leave your car because you would know cobblestones kill…literally, with guns. Why do you think everyone wants gun control.

    Let’s definitely get tickets to the concert, sounds like a winner.

  8. Ah! I missed this entry! NOw I understand about people giving you grief about the food cushions! I felt like people in Brazil were also more beautiful than the norm….and Spain…. It might have just felt mysterious….

  9. Nice ones. There is a lot of open-air exhibitions (like the recent Sculpture Grande exh) going on in Prague all the time. Try to check them out, because the art pieces framed by Prague surroundings look great (not only) on pictures…

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