Posted by: bkropf | March 12, 2008


So have a little time to stop walking and relax in an Internet cafe.  It has been a crazy trip already.

So my trip started in Fremont.  I jumped on the bus to the airport.  I was kind-of nervous just leaving the car and walking off with only a backpack for the next two months.  There was no turning back.  Downtown Seattle is when the first of the problems started.  My bus transfer point had changed and I couldn’t find the new pickup location.  Jason talked me through how to find the new location, by phone.  Jumping on my new bus I was sitting next to some Aussies from Caines so we had a great time chatting about our mutual passion for Australia (There were some really rude fat people on the bus).  Then the girl next to me was interviewing at SPU so we talked about our mutual passion for SPU.  At the airport my second problem was realized.  All flights to London were delayed making me miss my connection to Berlin.  The same day my computer decided to break down so I had no way to contact my couchsurfing host to tell her I would be late.  In the end, I had to call my buddy Nathan and give him the password to my life so he could log onto my email and inform my host I would be late.

Nothing too exciting happened on my flight to London or Berlin for that matter.  Planes were delayed again so by the time I got to Berlin and I was really late.  Fortunately for me couchersurfing people are the coolest and Karin was still waiting for me.  She is the best.  If not for her I would have had no idea how to travel because all the buses were down because of a strike.  We pooled together and got a taxi with some people and drove to the train station and then took the train to her place.  We dropped off my stuff and went out for a beer.  The place was so cool.  The bar was set up like someones living room.  It had a dear head hanging above the door and the chairs and table looked straight from my house. 

This morning we had some great coffee Karin made and some bread.  She had arranged a bike for me to use so we walked to pick it up.  We got there and we couldn’t get the lock off.  Also the front tire was in need of some repair so we gave up.  We split up for a while and I decided to stike off on a hike through the city.  That is where I found this cafe. 

For lunch I had some sort of Kebab/Gyro and it was amazing!!! 

So if you have read the blog for any time now you probably have heard me talk about Altas Shrugged.  I read it last trip and really liked it.  Well today I saw a sign that was a play off the phrase ‘Who is John Galt?’ from the book.  I was pretty excited!

Berlin is really awesome but not really what I was expecting.  I am excited to check it out some more.

My time is running out here at the computer so I don’t have time to reread this so please forgive any poor spelling/wording/phrasing. 



  1. Don’t worry about your spelling, wording etc….it came out great! Loved your pictures and now I see you’re also an artist! Amazing! Thank God for Karin! I’ve heard at least 2 travelers say that Germany was their favorite place in Europe, so enjoy it! (One was cousin Jill.) Mark (groan) and Ali came back to Biggest Loser–for losing the most while home….caused lots of tears! 🙂 (Jay and Mark) The program was cut short and we didn’t find out WHO was sent home this week–either Maggie or Brittany…Frustration! Missed you! Love, Mom

  2. Couchsurfers are awesome!

    Man, am I really going to have to put up with that Oregon hat for the next two months? haha

    Kebab/Gyro’s are awesome! None of the bogus imitations in America due them any justice. Most of the ones in Berlin are made by Turkish immigrants… and thankfully for our stomachs, there are plenty of Turkish in Berlin. You should try to find the free walking tour if you can, or at least get a picture by Brandenburg gate.

    That picture of Karin is classic Berlin. Berlin give a whole new meaning to graffiti. And a lot of it is almost artful enough that you don’t mind it like you would here in the states.

  3. Ok time for new title, how bout:

    Chronic-cles of Barney’Uh

    So i got ur itinerary on google earth so i can actually see where your at, cause otherwise i’m lost. You better get that computer fixed cause we need more blogs here, Cmon. My other problem is that it looks like your gonna spend all your time in the cities, what’s up with that. What are you a city boy, get out in the country and put that backpack to some real use. At least take some pictures of the countryside. Also once you get in Prague your duty is to get a picture beside this statue.

  4. Sounds like a good time. I’m kind of hungry right now and so was tantalized by your gyros descriptions. Bless Karin! Love the photos and drawings!

  5. Barn – I’m glad you made it safely. The people I txt’ed you about live 20 minutes from Bond Uni. They said if we come down to visit some day to look them up and they would show us a good time. When are we heading down under? I hope your trip is exciting and you keep meeting great people.

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