Posted by: bkropf | February 26, 2008

What a Weird Dream

You know what I love…a good dream! I love talking to people about their dreams, they are so fascinating.  Talking about people’s dreams often leads to other funny facts. Here is my contribution to weird dreams.


I have a recurring dream.  In the dream I am laying in my bed and using my tongue I push one of my teeth only to find it is loose. I start wiggling it with my tongue back and forth, back and forth, and eventually it just pops out of my mouth.  I usually think to myself, “No problem, I will just grow another tooth.” Immediately following that thought a second follows, “Wait…only baby teeth are replaced…I’m out of luck.” After the second thought I usually wake up groping my mouth to ensure my teeth are all present.  Thus far they always have been..


Last night I had the dream again and finally outsmarted myself.  After the tooth popped out I just laughed and thought, “Silly dream!”


Over tea I told my mom about the dream and get this…she has had the same dream! It had a couple little variances but she said it was also reoccurring.  Weird



  1. If you lose a tooth in Europe, I’m going to be so disappointed if you don’t just say “silly dream” and grow a new tooth.

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