Posted by: bkropf | February 8, 2008

I give up, I’ll Stay!

Why oh why does something bad happen to me every time I try to leave Bend (If you don’t believe me please read this blog post)?  Maybe it is a sign I should just stop trying to leave and resign myself to a life in Bend. 

Goals for the day were to get up at 5:45am, drive to Portland to meet my parents, drive up to Centralia to meet a Turf Farmer and tour the farm, and lastly drive up to Seattle.  One thing about Bend, there is snow, and my car was frozen to the street.  After spending a frustrating 30 minutes of trying to shovel the car out, I had to wake my cousin up to try to help pull me out with the pickup.  He decided to wake up my uncle and before long, it was a big cold sleepy party in the street. 

Luckily I had a tow-rope so I attached it to the car on with the hopes of hitting the road soon.  Unfortunately, when the rope was tight, it slipped off the car’s frame and broke the brake line.  Now I’m stuck in Bend, AGAIN, will miss the meeting, have to pay a ton of money to fix the car, and it probably will not be fixed today so I’ll have to wait until Monday, ugh!  I guess the silver lining is I get to spend a little more time in Bend.  



  1. I told you not to try and pull your car out by it’s brake cable 😉

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