Posted by: bkropf | January 25, 2008


Much of the time I see technological advance touted on TV and it really never affects my life in any meaningful tangible way. What I think the world needs is more practical innovation. My case and point: Booms you can ride on while spot-spraying!!!

Spot-spraying is one of those farming jobs that I used to hate. As a young child, dad would wake me up on the coldest day of the year and I would have to bundle up in my coat and rubber boots (please note they have no insulation). He would hand me gun shaped sprayer attached by a long cord to the back of a vehicle and I would trot around huge fields all day trying to survive. Being much smaller than the rest, I would often have to run to keep up while my uncle drove the machine at a fast pace. My feet would get colder and colder as the day progressed until it felt like I was just stumbling around on two stumps (Looking back I would suggest spot-spraying was not totally unlike like a Nazi death march. Please read the book Night and you will better understand what I’m talking about). As I grew increasingly delirious with frost bite my dad and uncle would start yelling about the weeds I failed to see and we would have to back up so we could get them. On the whole, it was a totally depraved job. This is where things have changed for the better. After a 10 year hiatus, when I helped out this year I noted spot-straying technology has progressed remarkably. Dad and my uncle procured a machine with booms that you can stand on and RIDE instead of running around looking for weeds. I felt like some sort of king riding around spotting weeds easily. Now running is a luxury I do for fun when I need to warm up a little.

Oh, hail sweet progress.



  1. Just think of where we’ll be in another 10 years… or 50 years.

    I’ve done a spot spraying march behind our farm’s 4-wheeler a few times in my day…. it’s far from fun.

  2. As I read this to my parents I wondered how you ended up setting the bar so low for being a king haha.

    Dad wonders how the hazelnuts are going.

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