Posted by: bkropf | January 8, 2008

Mobile Productivity

I was bored the other day and decide to try to be productive.  I decided the best use of my time would be deleting old contacts from my cell phone.  It isn’t that I’m a horribly popular person in which the lengthy list of contacts maxes out my SIM card.  Instead, I’m an efficiency freak and get tired of scrolling through a list of names I never call to get to the desired entry. 

I started off in the A’s and found a couple people here and there that I deemed to be sufficiently out of my life and I deleted them with authority.  Productivity in action!  As I got into the B’s I noticed something…I was really getting sad with nostalgia.  No longer did “A Rock” or “Don’t Answer” only represent a person, it represented a memory.  As I got to “Shaylin” I had to think, will I ever call her…probably no…but remember that one time her key broke off in her car door on the way to the Sonics game and we laughed and laughed.  I have to admit, I stopped deleting names midway through the B’s and spent the rest of the time looking at names and remembering all the funny/crazy/weird times. I will have to find a new way of being productive.



  1. Haha I’ve done the exact same thing. I also end up deleting entries like “Albany movie theater” instead of old names… unless I know for a FACT that I’ll never call them.

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