Posted by: bkropf | January 8, 2008

Fickle and Flexible both start the same way

Is fickle a word? I guess it is a word because my best friend Spellchecker failed to tell me it was not (please note that brilliant line of logic).  I’m not totally sure what the word means but I’m going to casually describe myself as such in the following sense:


I really haven’t had a schedule, appointments, or any other form of responsibility for…oh, let’s say…the past 6 months.  And if you have read this blog for any number of entries, you have probably heard me bemoan the fact I am restless, anxious and pretty much tired of being lazy.  Well I found out today and I am going to start working tomorrow for 2 – 4 weeks and I spiraled into a depression.  I feel like I need to spend the rest of today doing nothing to make sure I fully utilize my free time (even though I haven’t been busy in months).  I guess I had to start working again at some point but I didn’t think it would be quite this sad.  Ahhhh…all these conflicting emotions.


Now that I have logged that confession…


My buddy Byran was talking about how he is a loud talker (finds himself getting shushed in restaurants, etc).  That is funny because I never noticed his volume, which leads me to believe that 1) I talk even louder than him, 2) I am so accustomed to the loud genes that loud talkers don’t register.


I have a new passion for spinach!


Business Update: So the coffee shop idea has been suspended indefinitely.  There are too many capital requirements and too much risk considering the potential reward.  I have two better ideas, the catch is they both require farmable land.  I now am trying to figure out how to find some land to purchase/rent.  If anyone knows of 50 – 100 acres for sale, let me know! 


The nice thing about being an accountant is it is easy to find relatively high paying jobs quite easily.  I signed up for this Accountemps thing the other day and I go out working tomorrow.  My best analogy would be substitute teaching for accountants.  Accounting temp work dovetails nicely with farming because I could farm when needed, go work as an accountant when I needed some extra money and then fly to Mexico when I needed some sun.  It helps me keep my life flexible.




  1. The Kropfs are loud!? I would have never guessed…

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