Posted by: bkropf | December 10, 2007


I have arrived home!  It was so good to fly back into Portland in all its beauty. 

My last days in Dallas were so much fun.  I spent so much time doing very little.  I have nothing to say about doing nothing besides the fact I get very restless.  I really did enjoy my time. 

Nathan’s dad, Stan the Man, showed up on Thursday for the weekend.  He flew down to see his boys play in an indoor soccer championship game.  Little did he know, the game was cancelled last minute and he was stuck with the plane ticket.  After some calls, Nathan and Aaron were able to play on a different team so we all went to the indoor arena to see some soccer.  Not much to say there.

Dallas has the most depressing news.  Ever night all they talk about is who was killed, what you should be scared of and the latest scam that nearly duped every child and elder.

Friday we all went to a Dallas Stars NHL game.  That was my first professional hockey game and it conjured up memories of Moss Adams and going to Everett Silvertip games with my coworkers.  I miss the good old times.  One time we all chipped in $5, and paid one of my coworkers to go down in front of the section of fans and dance next to this little kid who was dancing like a leprechaun.  He had been drinking, so he did and it was the best $5 I have ever invested.  There is nothing like seeing a grown accountant dancing like a leprechaun next to some little kid.  The crowd loved him.

Nathan was a great host.  I think his goal was to make me enjoy my stay in Dallas my favorite of the trip.  He did an awesome job.  Is Dallas my favorite place…no, is Nathan my favorite person on the trip, I don’t think there is any diplomatic way of answering that so I’ll just say he is an awesome friend, and I really appreciate all the pain and accommodation he afforded in making my stay a great one.

 So I’m back and what now?  That is the $1 billion dollar question.  First of all, I am very restless, it hard to come back from a huge trip and be sitting at home.  I think my first step is to get my resume finalized to send out to people.  That way, I hope to have a temporary job working from January through March for some business, whether that be here in Eugene or up in Seattle. Until Christmas, I will probably be working out, trying to lose all the pounds gained in New Orleans, and spending time with my family.

After March, Lord willing, I will be going to Europe for a couple of months, some of the time with my cousin Tyler.

After Europe, I will have to face the grim reality that one has to earn a living and can not just travel for a living.  To earn a living, I currently am planning on either moving back to Seattle to procure work as an Assistant Controller, or try to start a business here on the farm with Dad. 

Regarding the Blog, this is the last post relating to the US portion of the trip.  I am sad it is over but I look forward to reading all the posts again and keeping the memories fresh.  I still plan on writing periodically.  Stay tuned though, when I leave for Europe I will resume writing about my travels.


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