Posted by: bkropf | December 5, 2007

Still In Dallas (Sad It is the Last Stop)

So hear there is plenty of rain in Portland and Seattle.  I hope my house is alright, the tenants haven’t sent the rent yet! I hate having to call them to see if it is on the way.  It is going to be hard deal with all the rain when I get home because it is still sunny and warm down here.

I am trying to deal with the fact my trip is almost over.  I hope I can assimilate back into the real world.  I am already reminiscing about this trip even though it isn’t even finished.  One thing I am trying to work on is enjoying the moment.  One thing I seem to always do is look back on my adventures so much I tend to forget about the moment and enjoy it.  I asked Randy if he did the same and he thought many people struggled with the same thing.   I already miss the times on the train late at night listening to music, meeting random people in Maine and seeing so many cool cities.  I am definitely going to have to do this again.

I have been so relaxed with no worries for so long, with no schedules, I worry I will have a hard adjustment starting to have schedules again.    I look back on my life during tax season and wondered how I did it.  A normal day for me would look like such:

6:15am – Get Up, 6:45am – Commute / 7:45am – Work / 7pm – Head home / 7:45pm – Stop in Seattle to see some friends / 9:30pm – Arrive home / 11:00pm – Go to bed

I really would not like that lifestyle now and hope to make some changes when I start working again, to slow down.

I am excited to get home.  I miss seeing my niece, Aleah, and others in my family.  I’m excited for all the changes in our family in the next couple of months.  Andrew and Angie are having a baby in January and Ben and Emily are getting married in March.  Should be good times all around.



  1. I’ll miss your blog! It’s good to have you home!

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