Posted by: bkropf | November 30, 2007


I am not a blogger by nature. In fact, at some time in my life I have probably ridiculed people who are really attached to their blogs. The problem is, when you blog you tend to feel tied to it. It has been probably about a week since my last entry and I have felt very guilty about my lack of communication. Maybe I feel guilty because I am new to blogging and it is my first break, or maybe I feel guilty because I’m having so much fun and not telling people about it. Either way I’m working hard at not feeling bad.

Why haven’t I been blogging? Good question, there are very few weird/exciting event to write about and I have been doing other stuff with Nathan in Dallas. When you are traveling to new cool cities every day it is easy to come up with fun traveling stories, insights into the city or talk about some crazy old friend you met up with…however, when you are spending most of your day at a library reading, surfing the net or trying to come up with the newest scheme on how to take over the world, there is much less to write about. You might be wondering if I have come up with a scheme…yes I have!

I have been running much more with Nathan. The most I have run since high school. I am weird in the sense I like to measure things, and see things becoming bigger and better, improvement. This is the key to my running. Nathan gave me a stopwatch and now I keep a journal of my runs and pace and then can compare to the past to see improvement. I’m a sucker for stuff like that. So I have been running to try to improve my time. I think tomorrow we are going to do our 2.2 mile time trial and compare with my time last week to see how much I have improved.

One of my favorite shows is Modern Marvels on the History Channel. In fact, I have seen almost every one, so any time when I am watching one it is usually a repeat to me. I saw two new shows the other day, Modern Marvels: The Pig and Modern Marvels: Barbecue. They were kindof a double feature. Pigs are pretty amazing these days, makes me want to eat one.

I took the next step in the coffee shop due diligence and met with a commercial realtor yesterday. It was pretty fun, though I had to shave my Fu Manchu / Beard that I had been growing for multiple days. It is going to be a hard decision to see if I want to start the stand or not.

I don’t know how Nathan puts up with his high school students. I sat in class with him for a while to day grading tests for him and I seriously considered putting a pencil through my eye. Grading these tests I have to think that either Nathan is the worst teach on earth or these kids are dumber than modern pigs (did you know pigs have the same IQ as a 3 year old child – Modern Marvels). I know Nathan isn’t a bad teach, I would have enjoyed having him for math, these kids just don’t care. They spend most of there time asking if he is virgin or hurling obscenities around like little grenades. Then when they get bad grades they try to bribe him with hookups at local restaurants their parents own. Of the 50-75 tests I graded this morning three people got 90% or above. About 50% of the tests scored between 40 – 75%.

I talked with one of my favorite Moss Adams employees ever yesterday for a while. It was nice to catch up on how my old firm is doing and tell him about my ideas to take over the world. He is always curious and loves to hear my ideas. It makes me feel nice. This guy is the most driven individuals I have met. It is crazy, he has lists and action items for everything in his life. I am pretty sure he even gives his wife to-do lists and budgets her time. I’m sure he is going to be very monetarily successful.

I tried to find ‘Nick’ from McGee and Me on Myspace the other day as Stephanie and Jenn suggested. I found two people meeting the criteria set forth. One is the Sci-Fi guy in the Army somewhere and the other is a major party animal in Michigan. Either way, based on bio and pics, both didn’t seem to be the clever little man we had grown to love in McGee and Me. Speaking of ‘Mysace Stalking’ how interesting is that. Now people can meet someone at a party, go home and read all this really personal information about them without actually having any meaningful relationship. Odd!



  1. Hooray for bribes from restaurants. I have a friend in Dallas who teaches one of the Cowboys’ daughters. But she’s a third grader, so probably wouldn’t come up with the idea of bribing him with tickets to games…

  2. Happily, not all high schoolers are like you described, but there are some out there!

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