Posted by: bkropf | November 24, 2007

Feels Like…

It has been really cold here. It snowed north of here (Canada) yesterday. We checked online and it said it was 38 degrees but felt like 30. How do they even know how to find that stat? Do they have some guy downtown Dallas who gets up each morning, walks outside and thinks, “Hmmm, feels like 30 degrees.”

Does anyone remember the old Christian movies McGee and Me? We are watching college football today and we saw the old movies on TV. It is funny to see such old shows from my childhood on tv.

Nathan gave me a haircut and I am really happy with it. I was getting really tired of being a scrub. I do look forward to get home, stop living out of my suitcase, and be able to wear some nice clothes.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We drove to south Dallas and went to a big disc golf course. If you don’t know Nathan, he is an avid disc golfer. In his words, he is waiting for the ‘sport’ to get bigger so he can quite his job to be a professional disc golfer. Currently, the highest paid professional disc golfer has earned $40k last year. As we finished hole one, I realized something I ate had really disrupted my normal bodily processes. We quickly eased ourself to the car to search for a bathroom. We eventually found ourselves in a rich neighborhood on a construction site. There was a portable bathroom on site which I made quick use of. The scariest part was it was on some sort of ledge so it kept tipping from side to side. I was pretty scared it was going to tip completely over. We finished the course and I only lost one of Nathan’s discs in a water hazard.

Nathan thinks I should earn some money as a Christmas Bell ringer at the mall. I think I’ll look into it.

We watched Donnie Darko last night. What a weird movie! I like it though.



  1. Good news, Barn-dizzle: One time Steph and I were talking about Nick from McGee and Me and we decided to see if that actor had continued his career after McGee and Me. So we looked him up on imdb. He hasn’t really. So then we looked him up on myspace, because lets face it, people are on myspace. We found him! Let’s just say that I don’t think he is seriouly walking with the Lord anymore. McGee would be disappointed.

  2. That was probably a pretty sad day for college football for you. =(

    Do Christmas Bell Ringer’s make money? Or wouldn’t that be volunteer?

  3. Disc golfing sounds fun! And I am now disappointed in Nick if the above comment is true!

  4. Ahh! I see Jenn told you about our fallen angel “Nick” from McGee and Me. I had such a major crush on him. His name is Joe Daman (possibly Damman or Damann). MySpace him… you will need a box of kleenex.

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