Posted by: bkropf | November 20, 2007

“That Is So Dumb”

The last day Randy and I were in New Orleans, we decided to head out of town to see a historic plantation. We arrived at the plantation at 3:50 a few minutes before the last tour of the day. There were no other tourists there. Everyone at the plantation was sad to see us arrive, given they were hoping to leave early. It was the first day for our tour guide who turned out to be a true southerner. She was inexperienced with the tour information about the plantation and lacked a command of the English language. We had to choose to be disappointed or have fun with it. We decided to be nice and just have fun. The guide was a nice lady probably about 18 years old, and she enjoyed giving her own editorial comments on the tour. One was, “Women used this mirror to see if their ankles were showing. If your ankles were showing it was considered bad. I think that is weird.” Later on in the tour we came to the parlor and she commented, “This is the courting chair where the people sat face to face, but they couldn’t touch. That is so dumb!” We also learned new words like ‘tooken.’ At the end of the tour she thanked us for being so nice. She says that being new some tours are rude.

We left New Orleans early at 6:30am. We had to make sure we made it to Dallas in time to return the car. We made it earlier than expected so we went to Nathan’s indoor soccer game. It was fun seeing all these engineers and other tech industry moguls running about paying soccer.

After dropping off the rental car, we went back to Nathan’s and vegged for a while. We went out to a Brazilian cafe and grabbed some food. It was really fun watching all the people around us. The cafe stays open 24 hours a day so you see a really eclectic group of people. The most fascinating was a guy who was probably about 7 feet tall but he torso was about the same height as mine. There was also a large group of middle age women talking loudly. Dallas seems so much more alive than New Orleans and Atlanta, both Randy and I were struck by the contrast. People here are also much more groomed and seem a lot more classy.

Nathan woke me and Randy up early the next morning at 7:00am for a run. I really regretted telling him I wanted him to be my personal trainer. We drove over to a local lake to run around it and found a large race being run. Not having run for a few months it was embarrassing to be running in the same path as many highly trained runners.

It is funny to observe road races. You can always tell the true runners from the people running just to stay in shape. Hardcore runners seem to always be wearing some ridiculously short shorts, usually colored like the Texas flag, and often have running glasses. I really don’t understand the need for the glasses. Are they running so fast they are trying keep bugs from getting in their eyes?

As we were running we would pass these water stations with people handing out water to the runners. Inevitably, they wouldn’t notice we weren’t truly in the race until it was too late. Often they would ask inquisitively, “Water?…” until they notice we weren’t in the race, and then would follow with something like, “Keep up the good work,” as they pulled back the water they had been offering.

As I was walking back to the car I heard loud breathing slowly coming up behind me. As the guy passed me I was considering the odds of his surviving the race. After he had passed me I was able to hear people’s comments about him they passed him going the other way. My favorite comment was, “That sounds like the wheeze of death.

We went to church next. It seemed like the stereotypical large Texas style church. It was sad, but Randy and I were so tired from the long drive previously and the early morning running that we had a hard time staying awake. We went out to lunch after church and I inquired as to people’s opinion of the success of a drive-thru coffee shop in the area. They all thought it was a novel idea.

We drove over to a friends house with Nathan’s brother and we played board games for a few hours. That was a lot of fun. I really think people should play more board games. It is so rare to find groups of people that get together to play games. I think the social aspect is so much better than watching movies.

I am excited to start looking into locations for local coffee shops. It would be so fun if I could get one started.

We watched the Bachelor tonight and it had a crazy finish. Brad didn’t pick any of the women. One of the ladies called him out on being so stupid and I was so happy she did. She asked him all the questions I was yelling at the screen. He is so dumb, why does he tell all the girls that he loves them so much and they are the best thing that ever happened to him, introduces them to his family, meets theirs, and then says he doesn’t love them. Maybe I’m a little more vested in the show than I thought but this guy was really a loser.

So I have heard about a new website called  I thought it would be funny if it was called  I logged on with Randy to see what it was all about and it was pretty funny.  I was going to sign up to see who was on it but you had to be approved by site administrators and I figured I didn’t have a chance based on the questions being asked. 



  1. barno, what a haircut. i’m impressed with nathan’s ability to give a normal looking haircut. lookout mennomeet, barn is well-groomed and on the prowl!!

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