Posted by: bkropf | November 16, 2007


One thing I enjoy about myself is I very rarely get sad.  In fact, I can only say I can remember a few times I was actually feeling distressed and/or depressed by a situation.  Well watching the Ducks game last night really got to me for some reason and I got really sad.  I didn’t know how to cope with all these feelings.  It was just really sad to see our quarterback get injured followed by our running back and to see national title hopes and probably Heisman hopes fade away.  I am feeling a little better now.  I usually don’t really get into sports that much so I’m surprised the loss and injuries affected me as much as they did. 

Randy and I got some really good pizza last night in the French Quarter.  I shattered the plate with the olive oil, which was a little embarrassing but ended with little negative results.  I feel, and I think Randy would agree, that the food here is  probably the all around best we have found in any city.  I would ask Randy if he would agree with the statement but he is sleeping.

We drove around the city yesterday to view damage from Katrina.  At first I thought the only  damage was to the roads because the pavement was so bumpy and falling apart.  When we finally found the real damage it was pretty sad.  There are whole sections of town where the majority of houses are boarded up and few people are living.  It is really interesting how people decided not to move back after the hurricane.

As we sit eating alone in one restaurant I heard the tv on in the back.  As I listened the workers were intently watching a cooking show and frantically taking notes.  I found it funny cooks and servers and restaurants would be watching cooking shows while at work.  They must have learned something because my Po-boy was excellent.

There are trolleys here in New Orleans similar to the ones in San Fransisco.  Randy and I jumped on one and road it to the end of the line and then turned and came back.  Half way back the electricity was out so it stopped.  Randy and I decided to walk, however the conductor guy tried to convince us not to.  I still don’t know why.

I really don’t like how sometimes text messages are delayed and sent at later times.  It can really misinterpret the message you are trying to convey.

I think we are going to be driving to visit a plantation today.  I think it will be fun, I have never been to a plantation. 

I need to start putting my resume together for work, ugh!



  1. Oh yeah, I was there helping to clean up/rebuild a house back in Spring of ’06 after Katrina had been through. Pretty incredible damage, it reminded me of when I was in Indonesia.

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