Posted by: bkropf | November 15, 2007

French Quarter

New Orleans is definitely a place to go if you love food!!! Seems like Randy and I have been planning our days around the cool places to eat.  Like Randy jokes, “We are just two fat kids living a dream!”  I told my mom that on the phone and her response was, “Huh, don’t say that, Randy isn’t fat!”

Driving to New Orleans we counted how many Waffle Houses and Cracker Barrels we passed.  I don’t have the final count with me at the moment but I’m going to guess it was nearly 30 WH and 15 CB.  If you do the math, that is more than 1 every 10 miles.

Randy and I had a talk while driving about capitalism, competition and small communities.  It is funny, because Mom/Dad and I just had the same talk about a month ago however they seemed to disagree with me, while Randy made the same points I brought up.  We just find it interesting that people who are doing business in the Harrisburg community are always unwilling or at least very wary to start any business venture that might infringe upon any other individual’s business.  On the surface this seems really noble and admirable, however, it seems like it could easily lead to resentment, not to mention: monopolies, inefficient business, and lack of innovation.  For example: If I started a custom painting business in Harrisburg, I don’t think I should be offended or look down on anyone if they decide to also start a painting business.  I should be painting so well at an affordable price where my business will be doing so well where consumers will prefer to use me instead of potential competitors.

We are staying in the French Quarter of New Orleans and it is really crazy and very unique.  Both Randy and I were surprised how few people were around.  As we were eating in an empty restaurant we asked the waitress if there were fewer people living in the city these days.  She said since Katrina, there just haven’t been as many people in the area anymore.

The French Quarter is loud and crowded.  Maybe it used to be a walled city, because the buildings are all build touching each other and the streets are very narrow.  Most buildings have decks with beautiful wrought iron railings and decorations with cool oil lamps burning.  Everywhere you go there is lovely music playing from all of the many little eateries. 

Lets go back to food for a moment.  I have been eating these things called Po-boys.  I had never eaten one before but they are delicious.  They basically are a sandwich on French bread but they are amazing.  I also had a crawfish dish tonight on rice which was nice.  Randy has been sampling various jambalaya and gumbo dishes.  This morning we went to this amazing cafe in the French Market area that had New Orleans style donuts and coffee.  Very tasty. 

Last night we went walking along Bourbon Street.  I continuously almost fell on all the beads that were strewn on the grown.  I don’t really know how to say this nicely, especially without sounding rude, but the general populous here does not seem to be very well put together (Not that I am necessarily a shining example of fashion or ruddy good looks).  I’m just saying, I observe people when I travel, and the people here seem to be the least attractive of any of the cities I have been to thus far. 

We sat and listened to an amazing piano player at Historic Park this morning.  It was an old performing arts building.  I didn’t know historic parks could be buildings but they can.

I have put Randy in charge of planning tomorrow’s activities and so far what he has come up with is, “Tours are expensive.”  He has started reading about sights to see as I have been writing and he is currently contemplating getting a Duck Football party for two catered by a local Indian Restaurant.  We are both very excited about the game. Oh wait, he has reached a conclusion and here it is, “Go to that little breakfast bistro, then ride around in that trolley, drive to the sea to see Katrina destruction, followed by a catered Duck party.” Sounds jolly.

I am really frustrated with myself because some really funny things happened today and I said to Randy, “Let’s remember this to blog about!” Then we forgot and so I’m just going to sit here and ramble until I remember. 

Disipline in my life has been bothering me for a while now.  Seems like I keep putting off things that are quite easy to get done or other things I want to accomplish.  Maybe it is because I’m on the road but still, I have more time than ever to get things done and I seem to always find something different to occupy my time with.  I think I need more routines, I miss my routines.  When I have routines I can work and tweaking them to become better and better. 

Well, it is late so I should go to bed.  I look forward to Randy’s itinerary tomorrow and to discover what foods I can find tomorrow.

I heard a commercial on the radio claiming to make your child behave in one minute or less.  I just think that is probably the most ridiculous claim I have heard.  I am so curious about what it is. 

Can I just say thank goodness for spell check.  I just checked how I did and I was miserable this post with my spelling.  I wonder if in the future people will be horrible at spelling because they can just rely on the computers.



  1. Peeple alredy ar horebble @ spelin.

  2. Mine spellchecker never thinks I does a incorrect spellings either. I must knot has that problem.

    Boo ducks!

  3. Maybe you should start a Cajun food business…

  4. So you don’t know me. But I know Randy. And its been really fun and interesting to read about your travels and adventures. Happy Travels!!

  5. SORRY about the “fat comment”–that was BAD!
    Please forgive me! I feel like I’m gaining just reading about all the wonderful food….we DO LIKE FOOD! I like your new picture! Have fun in Texas….guess Randy is coming home tomorrow already! Love and a prayer, Mom

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