Posted by: bkropf | November 12, 2007

Living the Dream

It was hot in Tampa.  I had to change into shorts.   I am fortunate because as I was walking from the train station to a place to eat when my computer bag fell off my suitcase without me noticing.  It had my camera, passport, Ipod, and basically every other monetary asset in my possession in it.  I was feeling good because my load was feeling pretty light until I noticed the computer case was missing.  I looked back and it is sitting in the middle of an empty sidewalk about a quarter mile back.  I ran back and grabbed it with much relief. 

I find each taxi driver unique.  Driving to meet Randy I rode with a taxi driver who was very bitter with the Church.  Unsolicited, he told me how corrupt all the churches in the area were.  I just mumbled something about I don’t want televangelists.

It was good to see Randy and be “living the dream!”  Seems like we remind ourselves of the dream and how we are living it about 2 times every hour.

I also have given Randy the nickname, Randmuffin.  Does it sound like a pet name, Yes.  Is it a pet name, No.  It also is can be varied depending on the situation: If he has bad gas: Rancid-muffin.

We stayed with our relatives, the Connie / Rick Beachy Family.  We had a really great relaxing time talking with them and hanging out.  When the family was gone during the day, we cruised Sarasota Mall and had long walks on the white-sand beaches. The beach was amazing and warm. We did not hold hands!

We spent much of Saturday driving to Atlanta.  We ate at the ever popular restaurant, Cracker Barrel.  We have decided the Cracker Barrel and the Waffle House are the most popular restaurants on I-75.  There was one about every 3 exits.  We also decided the population is very polarized here, if we were to base our decision on billboards.  Along the drive billboards alternated between Porn/Gentleman Club and Christian/Repentance.  We never really knew where the ‘Bible Belt’ started and the ‘Sunbelt’ ended, but when we started to see big billboards announcing ‘Bible Sale: Every Bible Under $3′ we decided we were getting close.

People at our motel have a hard time offering advice.  We asked the front desk lady for a suggestion on popular restaurants in the area.  She suggested IHOP.  There is no IHOP in the area, so we went to the Roadhouse Steakhouse.  As we were being seated Randy asked “How are you doing?”  I, being alone so often and not accustomed to conversations, promptly let him I was doing fine.  The hostess was really confused as the question was directed at her.

Today we spent the day seeing the local attractions.  We went to Stone Mountain, the largest rock in the United States.  We hiked to the top and practiced taking pictures jumping.  We hiked down and tried to find this International Market.  We wandered the huge market for a while and decided nothing was worth buying.  We had some wings for lunch at Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta and were happy we had found a ‘local’ place.  We thought about making the pact to only eat wings the rest of our stay in Atlanta but decided it wasn’t worth it.

Next on the list of things to do was a tour of the Atlanta Brewing Company.  We drove to the denoted location to find a large hole in the ground.  It must have mysteriously disappeared so we simply drove around the city for a while looking for something fun to do and eventually ended up at the motel to watch some football and ‘live the dream.’

I have decided I am going bald and am not happy about it! It has also reminded me I am dying and I don’t really like that either at the moment.  I also hiked up the stone mountain this morning and it made me tired, which made me feel like my body is falling apart.  Luckily the wings at lunch made me feel a little better.  Also, I have decided if I lose any more hair I will just shave my head.  The advantage of having a shaved head is I have a huge scar on it which will do one of two things: Scare small children and/or be a good conversation starter.  If it scares a kid, I can show my compassionate side comforting them and making a new, younger friend.  If someone sees the scar and asked what happened, I can tell them I was abducted by aliens and that they implanted a chip in my head.  While they are confused I will start doing the robot.

I accidentally bought some shares of Washington Mutual the other day.  Mike called me today trying to console me and tell me it was a good decision even though he won’t by any himself. 

The weather continues to be beautiful and warm. 

I watched some more Bear Grylls’ ‘Man vs. Wild’ this morning.  He was in the Australian Outback trying to survive.  I related to his pain, I too spent time there trying to find civilization with little success. What a stud though, I love that guy!  

Also, I wrote previously about the Dagorhir at Geneva College.  Well here are some videos I took while I was visiting.  Also I have some other photos of Charleston and Savannah.



  1. “If someone sees the scar and asked what happened, I can tell them I was abducted by aliens and that they implanted a chip in my head. While they are confused I will start doing the robot.”

    Ha ha, funniest thing i’ve read in a while. I literally laughed out loud

  2. I have a tip….you think you’re going bald because your hair is getting long and stringy….if you get it cut, that “balding feeling” will go away!
    Thanks for all the entertainment…lots of laughs and great pictures! (Most unique photo of the Washington Monument ever, and I like the dog picture! It was also great to see you jumping around!) Love, Mom

  3. You’re mom just posted exactly what I was going to say about having long hair. I thought I was losing all my hair when I grew mine out too… It’s not a good place to be. Haircuts are your friend.

    Those videos cracke me up! 🙂

    Bachelor tomorrow! lol… it seems like I should be embarrased of that.

  4. Great reading! I also enjoyed your bald/ scar writing! And excellent photos! usually scenery pics are somewhat boring to me, but not yours!

  5. I didn’t really post mine at 6:04 a.m….. Why does it say that? It’s like after 10 pm! FYI.

  6. Get a haircut and get a real job! j/k

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