Posted by: bkropf | November 10, 2007

Flight from North Charleston

I fled N. Charleston as quickly as a possible to regular Charleston early in the morning.

I stayed at the Elliot House Inn and it was amazing. The people were really friendly and helpful, they provided lemonade and sweet tea, there was cheese and wine at 5pm for all the guests, you could use their bikes to ride around, and they served you a nice breakfast in the morning. The hotel was in a really old building and overall was a very pleasant experience on the whole.

Check in was at 3pm so I dropped off all my luggage with the front desk and walked over to Starbucks to wait. I love Starbucks because it is like home away from home. My favorite drink currently is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Amazing!!! This Starbucks was especially amazing because it was two stories and used to be an old bank.

After Sbux, I walked over to some open markets which opened in the 1700s. I had some fried green tomatoes for lunch and took a horse drawn carriage tour of the city. Some of the fun facts learned on the tour were: The civil war started in Charleston, it used to be a walled city, it is the first city established in SC, the last building King George paid to erect was in Charleston, and the city was a main hub for the trading of slaves.

After the tour I was able to get into my room and I spent much of the afternoon relaxing and getting some stuff done.

The current love of my life is the road, and she is often cold and distant. So as a normal course of action, I avoid romantic situations. I broke down and went on a nice bike ride through the town at sunset which was really beautiful. I am getting a little sad seeing all this really cool stuff by myself and not sharing it with anyone but this blog.

I visited Sticky Fingers, a local BBQ joint, thanks to Alisa’s recommendation. It was some of the best bbq I have had, I really wanted to just sit there and get some more wings but I left because I didn’t want to be a pig.

If I had to sum up Charleston I would say it is very nice and romantic, steeped in history and beautiful old buildings. It is a great place to visit for a couple days with your wife, a decent play to visit alone.

I wish I had a pad of paper to write down all the funny things I see but I usually don’t so I forget many things I see. One thing I didn’t forget was a sign in front of a mini-mart that said “Buy two cans of Skoal, get one free carton of milk” I thought this was incredibly random, do people who chew always like milk? As I stood, contemplating the sign I realized it really was two separate ads “Buy two cans of Skoal, get one free” and “Carton of Milk $2.99” but the way it was written on the sign failed to clearly distinguish.

I made the mistake of looking at all my pictures from the past I have on my Ipod. I was immediately homesick and nostalgic. Some things I realized I missed, or at least have fond memories of:

-The guys I lived with senior year of college and all the fun experiences that go along with that time


-Fog and heavy rain

-Working with various individuals at Moss Adams

-My house

-My car

-Hanging out Friday nights with Tyler and Travis at my house and getting up Saturday and going to Patty’s Egg Nest

-Luke H.

Sometimes I really struggle longing for the past. I wonder if everyone does this or if it is just me? Many of my memories I do not necessarily want to go relive but at the same time I have very strong feelings, missing them.

The taxi guy driving me back to N. Charleston was sure a character. He kept talking and talking. You might remember from a previous post that riding in taxis is one of my least favorite things to do, just above riding with tow truck drivers. This driver was pretty nice though but a little crazy. He was starved to talk and kept telling me about his past and all his memories. It was pretty interesting.

Travel Tip: Bring a backpack instead of a briefcase/computer bag. Walking around with one strap on your shoulder hurts your back where as two straps distributes the weight evenly.

One of the more unpleasant times of this trip was the other night. I had to sit in the Savannah train station from 9pm until 4:45am. I am currently about to arrive in Tampa, FL, to meet Randy. I’m pretty excited because I will have people with me the rest of the trip. We are planning on going to Atlanta and New Orleans on our way to Dallas. Does anyone know of anything else we should to in the South between Florida and Texas?

 Sorry if there is plenty of bad grammer, poor spelling and boring writing.  I really wrote this one quick because I’m currently with Randy. 



  1. As already stated, I have a buddy in Atlanta but I also have a buddy in Louisiana, Baton Rouge maybe? Let me know if you want to catch up with them for a place to crash or just as tour guides. Better to call me though, I’m not on the internet all that often.

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