Posted by: bkropf | November 7, 2007

Hell on Earth

I arrive in North Charleston, SC.  If you ever come here please do NOT confuse it with plain old Charleston like I did.  If you do, you could be a very sad individual. 

One problem with riding the train and arriving places late at night you have never seen: you tend to be baffled on where to go we you step off the train.  Turns out, the Charleston train station is not in Charleston at all.  I decided to walk to the motel I wanted to stay at but the station was in a really weird place among industrial buildings so I couldn’t figure out what way to walk and I had no wireless internet.  I had to call Dad and have him lead me to the motel over the phone using his internet maps. 

Please refer to my point about crappy motels in the blog post ‘Rain Rain Rain.’  I think I made myself clear in stating I like it when crappy motels name themselves as such, so individuals know what to expect when booking rooms.  What do you envision when you hear the name “Charleston Heights Motel?”  I think of some nice little building at the top of a hill overlooking Charleston, in a respectable part of town.  Charleston Heights Motel was by far the worst place I have ever stayed!  I am pretty easy going on where I sleep as long as it isn’t the floor.  I normally don’t really get scared either.  I was very uncomfortable in my room for various reasons:

1) Seemed to be a pretty bad part of town (Found out later in normal Charleston from the tour guide, that N. Charleston has one of the highest crime rates in the nation, I don’t know if this is true or not).

2) There was a weird door in my room leading to who knows where

3) There were bugs in and around my bed

4) Homeless men were screaming outside my very fragile door, “Help me, Help me, Somebody Help me!”  Then other individuals would start yelling at him “—- you, get the —- away from here!”

5) At 6am in the next room, there was a huge domestic disturbance with a husband and wife yelling at each other for about 10 minutes and trying to get their child to side with them against the other.

6) It smelled like burnt hair mixed with death and no matter how long I was in the room, my olfactory nerve wouldn’t numb my pain.

7) There was no remote, or any other helpful or hygienic devices in the room.

In the end, I left early in the morning for the real Charleston and made sure to get a decent motel.  I also hope you notice I figured out how to utilize YouTube!  I’m sorry the horrible smell and neighbors screams didn’t translate onto the video.



  1. I’ve definitely stayed in more poorly equiped and smaller places, but none that featured bugs that large… or rancid odors.

    Nice job on the YouTube by the way. We need more of that!

  2. I got your text. I’m so glad you survived. I would not have been brave enough to stay all night. One look at the bug and I would have been DONE!

  3. Hey Barney- I was just reading a bunch of your posts and had to laugh out loud sometimes! 🙂 I can only imagine what you would’ve had to say if you could’ve actually taken in more cultural experiences in my area. I want to read your posts, but am too lazy to check out your site… so could you just email them to me? If it’s a pain, just skip it- I’m not sure how wordpress works… Anyway, hope you’re still enjoying your travels.

  4. Dude, that was your chance to emulate Bear Grylls. You should use a thick accent and talk about excited you were to find such a tasty critter so clse to camp. Then describe the taste for us. Cheers, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up.
    BTW, I just left you a voicemail but you may get this first, I have a friend in Atlanta if you’re heading through there you could probably catch a shower and a nap.

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