Posted by: bkropf | November 6, 2007

Last Night in New York

So after getting ready, Mike and I went over to Andrew’s house and I was able to meet his wife, Ainsley. She was very nice and I really like the fact she has worked for Capital Records and liked a lot of the same bands I appreciate. Apartments in NYC are very small as you can imagine. I would say their apartment was not more than 400 square feet, but it was very nicely decorated. We walked down to the street and ate some good pizza.  Seems like we eat lots of pizza. We met Dan, another college buddy living in New York. Dan had people who work for MTV with him. We all chatted a while and moved over to another location and hovered around a photo box. We decided to see how many people we could fit into one picture. The answer is 5. We moved over to another place where Dan knew the bouncer. This was my least favorite place as it was completely packed with people and there was plenty of dancing. 

I do not necessarily hold anything against dancing, I just don’t like to dance myself. I really feel like the dancing gene has been effectively bred out of my family tree. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe some in my family are good dancers, I have never seen anyone try to dance in our family but my guess is they are as bad as me. My niece Aleah likes to dance to the various songs that Janna plays for her. I believe should be encouraged. It would nice to see one of us become a competent dancer.

After the dancing, I decided I needed to go to sleep. I had to get up at 4:15am and it was getting to be 2am and I figured I needed at least 2 hours of sleep. As I was walking to the subway at 4:30, I passed Mike in the street headed toward the hotel.

As I left New York I think I have decided that though it is a great city, I wouldn’t want to permanently live there.  Not unlike running a marathon, It is really good and I appreciate those who do it, but I don’t think I was made for running marathons.  

I am currently reading Catch-22 and it is pretty good for the most part.  It is kindof boring but the style of writing is like I have never read.  If you sit and think about the various things the author says, they are very subtle and pretty funny. 

I was thinking about how many fewer words I verbalize these days.  I don’t think I talk any less, instead of saying everything outloud I tend to just talk in my head.  I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going insane but I find myself talking quietly in my head to myself.  Lucky for me Randy is meeting me in about 2 days.  A dam will break and he will probably be drown in torrent of words.



  1. “I really feel like the dancing gene has been effectively bred out of my family tree.”

    Amen brother…

  2. Second the motion….

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