Posted by: bkropf | November 1, 2007

Greasy Hair and Greased Lightning

I have found the people of NYC to be extremely friendly and considerate. I would say more friendly than any city I have been to. You see this when young people stand up for older people on the subway or when a lady drops some oranges in the street and everyone helps pick them up. Also you see items unattended and no one stealing things. I haven’t felt unsafe since I arrived. Maybe it is because there are so many people you are forced to interact and get in each other’s personal space. The one exception to this though was our tour guide yesterday on the Uptown tour loop. She was by far the rudest person I have ever witnessed in the service industry. She was consistently calling out people on the bus and yelling at them personally for something like switching seats when the bus was at a stop light. She was also very condescending to visitors from other countries and kept saying things like, “If anyone can understand me… (in a very bad tone of voice).” I felt like I had to do damage control to save our countries face and kept telling people, “Don’t worry, we’re not all this rude.” The rudeness culminated when at one point a guy stuck his arm out of the bus to take a picture and she literally hit him. It was bad enough I might file a very firm comment card. She was requesting tips as we all left the bus and I just wanted to shake my head at her and mutter, “Shame Shame.”

One confusing thing about Halloween in NYC is determining if someone is actually dressed up in costume or if Spiderman is just walking down the street after work. I walked by this guy with tattered shoes, long beard, holding a cup of change, and complimented him on his nice costume. Turns out he was homeless. Lucky for me, I had a nice tourist costume going, complete with fanny pack, greasy hair from walking all day and that confused look on my face.

Fashion Alert: I know you probably are all dying to know the latest fashions in NYC so here it is. Women currently are wearing leggings or at least dark hosiery and then a longer shirt or sweater on top and some form of shoes. Kindof weird I think. I hope it doesn’t catch on in Seattle but one of my friends said it is, Shame.

I don’t really know what it is about Halloween that makes people think they can dress like whores. Every other day of the year people dress fairly to moderately normal and then one night a year they head out of the house in their underwear. Since when is it ok? Mike, his co-worker Adam, and I met in Times Square at their hotel and went down to this Halloween parade in the Village. There were so many people I couldn’t see anything unless it was on stilts or a float. It was funny riding the subway sandwiched between an ax murderer and Elmo. The subway was completely packed, it was a good experience on the whole.

I wish the fanny pack would come back in style. It would make my life so much easier. Every morning I am faced with the challenge of deciding what to carry with me all day in my pockets. My passport, Ipod, Cell phone, camera and all other things with identification usually make the cut, however I ended up looking funny with all these bulging pockets. If I could just wear a fanny pack with pride things would go so much more smoothly.

I have decided my least favorite demographic of people is junior-high girls. There is a strong possibility my girls at that age might be at a boarding school if they are like most I run across in society. I had to follow a bunch of them walking across the park and it was horrible listening to their conversations about how cute Alex is, what they hope to wear tomorrow and how their dog doesn’t like the new outfit they purchased for her.

I woke up in the middle of the night with my eye killing me. This morning it is completely red and hurts. I am perpetually crying out of that eye now. People in the hostel probably think I had to much fun at the Halloween party last night. I hope I can pull things together and get out on the town soon.

I saw the Broadway show Grease yesterday. It was really good. I had never seen the movie or Broadway show before so it was fun to finally catch up on some pop culture I feel like most of the world had already seen years ago.

Good news, no horror movies this morning in the lobby. Just some nice music. It is improving my spirits dramatically!

It was good to see Mike last night and I liked his co-worker. Like normal we ended brainstorming ideas on how to take over the world through a profitable business and then the conversation digressed into a debate over universal healthcare. Most of you are probably surprised by this (unless you know Mike) but our heated discussions usually involve me sitting there quietly for about 5 minutes while he talks and then trying to respond why he interrupts and I have to talk really loud to be heard. Unfortunately, Mike is horribly misguided by Michael Moore and thinks the United States would be better off giving everyone health insurance. Additionally for the record, years ago Mike and I made a deal that if I watched Fahrenheit 911 he would got Mars Hill one Sunday. I held up my end, he did not. Mike if you read this, I am calling you out! All things aside, I always like talking to Mike about his liberal (he calls them moderate) views because he has thought about them and can articulate them well. A little discussion on societal or theological issues is always good in my opinion.



  1. Maybe the axe murderer on the Subway wasn’t in costume either?

  2. Yeah, what’s the deal with the Halloween dress code? I overheard some girl saying she liked it because it was only day of the year she could “get away with dressing like a slut.”

    Also, my thoughts exactly on the fanny pack. Unless they make an iPhone with an 8 megapixel camera and a 10x optical zoom, I probably won’t be consolidating all of my electronics any time soon.

  3. I’d like to see a picture of you wearing the new hat you DID buy….it sounded so cool! I loved the albino peacock along with all the other pictures–thanks for sharing!
    Love and prayers,

  4. John, it is nice to see there are others out there who share my problems with too many items to carry and now fanny pack to do it with. Maybe we should be like Seinfeld and obtain a man’s European carry-all.

  5. Barney: Scrap your filbert idea. Most of Costco’s filerts come from India.

  6. Oregon has a very small piece of the pie on the world filbert market but we do account for about 96% of domestic production. The price is 90 cents this year, I could make that work even with a very dull pencil.

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