Posted by: bkropf | October 30, 2007


If I were to litter, it would be in Maine. While driving, I passed a sign which read “Litter and it will cost you $100!” I drove on about ten minutes into New Jersey and it said, “Fines for littering: Up to $10,000” I finally arrived to Massachusetts and the fee would be $1,000.

Maine really undersells itself. I passed a sign with the slogan, “Maine: Its worth a visit.” Maine is better than that. I would put it somewhere between ‘worth a visit’ and ‘Visit Maine, we have tasty lobster!’

You know what makes me laugh? Women who chuckle. There is this unnamed woman who I used to interact with on a frequent basis who chuckled all the time. I had always though Santa Claus had the market cornered on the chuckling thing but she really is giving him a run for his money. You just so rarely meet a person who chuckles but I wish I met more because it makes me laugh.

I was observing people at a rest area on afternoon. This little man with a brisk gate (no I am not describing myself) walked out of his way from the restrooms to his car to each pay phone to check the coin return for change. I’m not going to lie, I have checked them before, however, I do not normally walk a great distance out of my way. I wonder largest payout he has found?

I think they should cut the top off of subway trains.  Then set up props in the tubes to make it look like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.  Commuting to work would be so much more fun.

I wonder how many diseases I have from sleeping in the bed at the Budget Inn?

I was so happy, I saw two Thai Restaurants. They are so rare here. But what is up with the Mexican Restaurants?  Seems as thought they are at every corner yet I haven’t seen any Mexicans. Goes to show people will do anything for some nachos.

Seems as though various government uniforms would be updated over time. Our conductor looks like he has snagged his uniform from a museum.

Some things that really interest me and I like to talk to people are their dreams, how often people cry and the phenomena of deja vu. My friend said she cries about every other day. Inwardly I scoffed wondering how someone could be so driven by emotion. After thinking some more, I feel a little bad for her. It isn’t like she wants to cry, but something is bothering her enough to move her to tears. I have officially made her cry twice, I am a bad person. For the record, I think I cry about once a year. The last time I can remember was when I watched the movie ‘To End All Wars.’

New Yorkers must have small personal bubbles.  Subway seats force cuddling. 



  1. This is worth a look:

  2. Thanks for the info Tyler. I did check it out and it looks like it would be fun. Maybe I will be in Dallas though.

  3. Barney, are you going to catch a Broadway play while you’re in NY? By the way, have you noticed how NY makes your clothes smell funky? Maybe it’s all the exhaust and fumes…Hmmm. Cheers!

  4. Not smelled the exhaust but maybe my body odor is over powering it. haha. Yeah, I plan on seeing either Wicked or Phantom of the Opera. I hope you are doing well.

  5. Hey- When are you going to be in Fenton Mo.

  6. Oh Barney, you make me laugh. I think I might know who your chuckling friend is….
    I have so much respect for what you’re doing. How many times do we wish we could do something like what you’re doing but only keep it to a wish. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  7. These are funny thoughts….made me snicker but probably wouldn’t call it a chuckle!

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