Posted by: bkropf | October 30, 2007

Rain Rain Rain

Unfortunately, my day in Maine was not really living up to my hopes. I had hoped to hike this ‘mountain’ and then do some exploring of the bays. Maine’s coast reminded me very much of the Oregon coast. And like the Oregon coast, it was raining hard all day. As I didn’t have anywhere to warm up and shower, I decided hiking in the rain and mud was a bad idea. I drove to Portland, Maine, and found a nice little restaurant, Gilbert’s, on the water and had some lobster. It was really good and I feel like it was the turning point of the trip. The whole ‘goal’ originally was to drive to Maine and have lobster so I’m putting a line through that goal. It was kindof weird sitting by myself eating lobster.

It was turning three at that moment and I started frantically looking for a sports bar to watch the Ducks vs. USC Trojans. I settled in at Rivals. I was getting pretty excited but it is once again, kindof weird cheering by yourself for a team most people in Maine haven’t heard of. Lucky for me, another Duck fan walked in and sat beside me and we cheered together. As rain and fog settled around, I was feeling really homesick watching the Ducks play in the nice sunny weather with all my family and friends watching. I’m so happy they won too, made the day much better.

I really splurged and stayed at a hotel for the first time in South Portland, the Budget Inn. It was really nice to have my own place for an evening and just sit. I love the name Budget Inn. With a name like Budget Inn you know what to expect, dumpy lodging. I am really happy with poor accommodations and with a name like Budget Inn you can expect subpar standards. Then when you have gross rooms lacking basic necessities you feel satisfied you got what you paid for. If the motel was named Medieval Manor, you might think, “Oh, that sounds nice…maybe I’ll meet a nice lady in waiting or maybe they will have horsies,” only to find upon arrival some fat man smoking who hands you keys to an outhouse. Expectations would not be met if the motel was named Medieval Manor, Budget Inn works.

I got up at 5:45am again to head back down to Lancaster to give Carrie her car back. Naturally, the day I am leaving it was absolutely the most beautiful day. I should not complain though, it made the drive more enticing. I did get lost on the way home though and ended up on the heart of Brooklyn. I really don’t know what happened with Mapquest so I just started winging it and driving down highways that said west or south. I finally made it back into Pennsylvania and it is so beautiful. I looked like a stupid tourist but I got a couple pictures of some Amish though they are poor quality. They are bad quality because I was embarrassed to be taking their pictures, so I kindof casually shot pictures from the hip hoping they wouldn’t notice. They did. I was also able to talk to my friend Lisa, the teacher, a while about life in Lancaster. Good stuff, I can always appreciate learning more about people.

Once again I am back on the train, this time to New York City. I planned better this time and have accommodation the entire time in a hostel. I even have the address written down on where I need to go. It will be nice to slow down and spend five days in the city. Like normal, I keep running around so crazily on trips I get really tired, so it will be nice to decompress and just walk around. I am also looking forward to Washington DC. I have planned far enough ahead I know I am staying with my cousin Jeff. I am really excited because he is a huge Duck fan also, and we will be able to watch the ASU/UO game together.

Here is another reason Maine, though nice, is not really a place for me to maximize my enjoyment. As a single guy driving around, Maine really doesn’t offer anything intrinsically exciting or eventful to do. It is a retreat to reflect and share with some one, preferably someone you love. I think at this stage in life, I enjoy larger cities more where you can observe things happening. Did you know Maine only has a population of somewhere around 1.5 million?



  1. You’re kidding… I pictured Maine as much more densly populated than that.

    I’m so sad the ducks won by the way lol.

    I hope we (Beavers) beat them next week!

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