Posted by: bkropf | October 28, 2007


Amy, my buddy Byran’s wife, walked into the coffee shop. I was very happy to see she had the initiative to find the place as I was worthless with directions.  We were both impressed by the beauty of the drive from Huntingdon to State College. The leaves seemed to be smoldering bright red and yellow as we passed through the hills. We discussed a little Atlas Shrugged and some other ideas relating to church politics and the rich young ruler.

I never thought I would be at Penn State twice in two months but I found myself back on campus again. Our friend Lisa, from Lancaster, was so kind to drive 2.5 hours up for the evening. We went to the Corner Grill next to campus and enjoyed some Free Fry Friday, though it was Wednesday. After eating we retired to the house and chatted a while. Lisa had a long drive home and returned to Lancaster.

We had some good homemade waffles for breakfast and Byran and myself discussed how statistics can improve our lives. Once again, I am back on the train headed for Lancaster. I don’t really know what I’m doing there, I wish I would have planned it a little more but such is life. I know I’m going to see my cousin Carrie for a while and maybe see Lisa again. I hear there is this famous Smörgåsbord I should attend though I think it uses up my food budget for about 2 or 3 days.

I was wondering why my feet continued to get wet all the time. I then noticed I had worn through my shoes soles. I will now need to find some good shoes. Maybe I can find an Amish cobbler in Lancaster who can make me a solid shoe.

Loneliness Update: I am still not lonely and am enjoying my time.

I heard that in a study rating the most attractive and ugliest people living in cities that Philadelphians were considered the ugliest. I am tempted to drop by and see if it is true. Another fun fact, Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world. Also, the first college basketball game ever played was at Geneva College in Beaver Falls.



  1. Where are the most attractive people?

  2. Did you find shoes?

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