Posted by: bkropf | October 17, 2007

The Bachelor, Dumb yet hard to not watch

I’m not going to lie to you, enough has happened since the last post I will be incapable of proper documentation. 

Ogden was amazing.  I really liked the mountains and houses, I am seriously considering moving there for a year.  To be with Glendon and experiencing a new place would be amazing.  However, when I started thinking about moving somewhere new, I decided, maybe I should be more extreme and just go to a foreign country to teach English (this would also fulfill a goal on my list, living in a foreign country for a year).  I spent much of my time in Ogden walking around the neighborhood and drinking some coffee.  I also went to a BBQ, went shopping with Kaytee, toured many junk yard and watched some movies. 

My goal was to get to Denver no later than Tuesday night as my friend was leaving for the weekend on Thursday and I wanted to see her before she left and not after.  But the van needed to be ditched first.  Unfortunately, no one stole the van or hit it.  On Monday I put the van on Craigslist and a local website and started calling random junk yards to see if they would purchase it.  One shop told me to come down and get a quote.  I did and almost started laughing at the situation I was in.  I roll into the shop, open the door, and don’t see anything but darkness and big piles of boxes.  I called hesitantly,  and then notice some men in the corner eating.  They said they would come out, so I walk outside to stand in the sun until a little man in a scooter drives out the door.  He is filthy and has some large blisters on his hand.  He started telling me about how his hand got burned earlier in the day when he was working on an RV.  He looks at the van and said someone else needed to scope it out.  This other man comes over who looks like an extremely dirty version of Mario from Mario Bros.  He was covered in grease from head to toe, literally had three brown teeth, and said about two words to me explaining I needed to talk to the boss.  I was expecting him to start bashing my van with his head looking for coins.  I felt like I was getting no where so they pointed me to a wrecking place down the road.  I went over to the wrecking plant and they offered me some money for the van, I haggled a little and got them to raise it $50.  That is how the van sputtered out of my life.  It was pretty sad leaving the van, and now I seem to see phantom brown vans driving all over the place.  I’m working on being strong, the van would want it this way!!!

Driving out of the place I saw a car almost get hit by a train.  It was literally about a 1 or 2 seconds miss.  Made me think about the time my dad got hit by a train!

My days in Ogden were spent with Glendon in the mornings while Kaytee was at work, and then with Kaytee in the afternoons/evenings while Glendon was at work.  It was kindof weird how that worked out given I’m not excessively close with Kaytee but I had a great time getting to know her better.  Glendon did well for himself.  I, like them, look forward until next month when their schedules better mesh.

Well, I’m in Denver now but I’m tired and will have to write more about the trip.  I am having a blast, learning a ton about travel, and have so many pictures now.  I want to be on the Amazing Race or some show now to demonstrate my travel abilities.

I also watched the Bachelor again last night.  It is really frustrating such a dumb so is so addictive.  I think the main guy Brad, or whatever, is pretty one-dimensional.  Also, how shallow and dumb are most of those people.  Lastly, how emotionally draining would it be to have to deal with 12 women.  Horrible, however it would probably be easier if all you had to do is sit around and try to look good, while girls threw themselves at you in a vain attempt to become famous.



  1. If Jenny doesn’t win I fully expect you to throw yourself off of a building…

    I kid I kid…

    I have a question… are you going to rename your blog? I say you just keep it the same… it will add some humor to the situation.

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