Posted by: bkropf | October 13, 2007

Goodbye Oregon

My day in Burns was fairly to moderately fun.  After the Harney County Library I went back to the van and watched the one channel the van picked up for a while and snacked on some apples and ranch pretzels my mom provided.   They were very good Mom.  With pretzel breath, I wondered to the local movie theater showing one movie, once a day.  I loved the character of the theater, it had some really old metal lighting on the walls that made cool patters because most of the lights were burnt out.  When I entered there was this old man with a Carhartt coat sprawled on a chair.  Since I was the only other person in the theater, he shuffled to the ticket booth to accept payment.  As I proceeded to enter the main showing room I noted the auditorium was quite long and skinny with metal rows of seats covered with a little padding.  Tape patched holes.  I sat in silence for a while until the locals began to enter.  It was nice listening to their conversations to here who was leaving for college, whom was marrying whom and swapping reviews of the new cook at the diner.


I knew nothing of the movie we were to watch, Stardust.  It ended up being a really pleasant, fanciful, feel-good movie.  A large wall separates the English countryside from some magical world.  Occasionally people break through the wall and have strange adventures before returning home.  Our main adventurer loves the small English town’s young beauty, however, she always is just leading him along and stipulating her quasi love.  One night they both saw a star fall on the other side of the wall, she said if he finds the star and brings it back within a weeks time, she will marry him instead of the local idiot.  Out hero makes it over the wall, finds the star but it really is not what he was expecting at all.


After the movie I walked back to the van and watched the Office.  Once again, I want to reiterate my previous point, Arrested Development is a better show!  I listened to some music in the dark and then read some Bible and Atlas Shrugged.  I stopped reading Atlas Shrugged when I came to a 90 page monologue.  That can wait for my next breakdown in the desert.


I slept so well last night that my alarm woke me up.  I got dressed, dropped my key off with the mechanic (who I am so happy with currently) and walked across town in the brisk morning frost to the Apple Peddler, known for it’s (wait…I just saw a guy with a huge, curling, handlebar mustache) poor service and being the only place open 24 hours a day.  Why would I walk clear across town for this sub-par food?  Because I have fond memories stopping hear at 4am for breakfast when My dad, his friends and myself go rafting on the Owyhee River.  Have no fear, the Apple Peddler lived up to expectations.  After I am done writing I hope to clean up in the restroom and maybe my van will be ready for the road.


The embarrassing thing is that my parents are going on vacation in Utah and there is a strong possibility they may pass me today!


After months, I finally started some projects I have been talking about.  I started brainstorming for a comprehensive journal of my short life, I started the first bit of creative writing on one of the most painful/wonderful times in my life and I started memorizing a book of the Bible.


I do have some pictures to upload but am currently busy and it might take a little bit.  Sorry.




  1. You made it out of Oregon?! It looked like it was in doubt there for awhile. How’s the crankshaft?


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