Posted by: bkropf | October 5, 2007

First Test: Pass (2)

Family friend Bonnie stopped by with a batch of homemade blackberry jam for delivery to her son (my childhood best friend) in Pennsylvania. I cannot guarantee I will be able to abstain from the little jars of goodness calling my name!

The morning was spent loading the van for the trip to Bend, OR. The van made it over Santiam Pass like a champ. Since it is steep and windy I hope this is a good sign the van will make it the distance. I worry often the van will die about a day into the trip and I will end up walking home.

My tenants called this morning alerting me to the fact sewage has been oozing into their bathtub. It also blew the seal on the toilet. What depressing news. In the end I had to shell out $700 on pumping and repairs. Sometimes I wish I would have sold my house!!! I hate dealing with issues I don’t understand.

Our family all arrived at Eagle Crest in Bend and it has been a really fun time. There is now 10 of us in all. One highlight of the day was me and my mom hustling my brother and fiancée in ping-pong! I also went swimming with my little niece which was a joy!

I had the tough decision of sleeping on a couch or outside in my van. I picked the van and it was extremely cold! My body was warm but my head was so cold it felt like Jack Frost had me in a headlock. I outsmarted him though with putting my head in a pillow sandwich which kept my head warm and left me with breathing room.



  1. You may just freeze this trip… I’m curious how cold you are out there right now… It’s definitely not warm tonight.

  2. Help yourself to the jam!!!!!

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