So the following is outdated because I’m now living a far less adventerous life as an Accountant in Corvallis, Oregon.  I desire to be back on the road though…I’m thinking of the Patagonia.


“Nearly eight months ago I quit my job as a public accountant; to take a year hiatus and travel, to experience a different aspect of life.  Since high school, I have maintained a list of goals and experiences I hope to realize before death.  The goal is to systematically cross each one off the list.   


It had always been a dream to drive around the country with no itineraries, no time-line, and few goals.  To see where my desires drove me.  In October, November and December of 2007, I traveled around the United States in an old broken-down van.  My only goal was to eat some lobster in Maine.  


Now I turn my sights to another dream: To visit every continent. 


Today I leave for Europe to travel for two month.  I will be traveling alone for the first 12 days and then will meet up with my cousin, Tyler, in Vienna for the remainder of the trip. 


I really enjoy reading any comments readers have!  If you see I am in Prague and you know of a meaningful place to visit, by all means, please let me know.  My email address is”





  1. Hey Brown Van Man! I will leave you this nice comment and wish you well on your trip. -MiniMel

  2. Sweet pic barn. You know the real trip starts in Tampa! Can’t wait man. -Randy

  3. Hey Barney…I so excited about your adventure…following your dream…

    So tips on Idaho… if you have time the Sawtooths are incredible mountains. There are some stellar hot springs around that area too. I have a few favs if your interested. There’s a little town in Stanley, ID “the gateway to the Sawtooths” that has the best breakfast and coffee. If you’re blowing through ID….stop in Twin Falls….it’s right off the highway…and you can see where Evil Canevil tried to jump the Snake River Canyon on a motorbike (he didn’t make it)
    Wow….have a blast Barney, you’re an inspiration!
    Be safe!

  4. Cool Van. I wonder where the picture was taken. I hope You don’t break down in the first 200 miles after leaving Bend. Good luck.

  5. Thanks for the advice Sarah, I will definitely check it out and let you know what I think. I hope work is going well for you!

  6. Nice Blog Bro! I like the pic. By the way nice air.
    How is the brown bomb running? It was great hanging out with you in Bend. The AJ’s are think’in and praying for you.
    Be safe!

  7. I like the site, Barney! Very cool van! 🙂 I hope your trip is unforgettable…of course, I’m not sure how it COULDN’T be! I’ll let you know if I think of any sights you should see, people to visit, etc.

  8. Barnabas, it was great talking with you today. Glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying your trip. I will be praying for you and am excited to hear more as you continue the journey.

  9. hey bro, stoked you are road tripping again. I wish i could be there as you are an exceptional road trip companion. Remember when you jumped over me to save the girl screaming in her sleep. You’re a super hero! Oh and that marshmellow you caught from like a kilometre away….best catch ever! I will be following your movements fo sho. Living my dreams vicariously through your adventures no doubt 🙂 I did delete my facebook sorry. i’m on msn heaps tho so maybe i’ll catch you on there. oh your girlfriend told me to remind you to “chucka right” and to do a “U’y” hahaha

  10. Barney! I finally found your blog! My memory had the address all wrong, but I made it! I’m so excited to be following along on your adventures. I hope to talk to you again soon! Are you coming back to the NW for the holidays at all? Well, I’m praying for you and look forward to seeing you again…someday!

  11. You and I think alike. Hope this blog isn’t just for your friends

  12. We can’t believe you drove through Boise and didn’t stop to see us! We had to find out the cold, hard truth from Natalie’s mom! That’s hurtful!

  13. Hey, I miss you guys!!! In my defense, my van was in very bad shape at that point and I was totally stressing out!!!

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